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What Fudoli’s victory means to the “regulars”
By Lee Chowaniec
Nov 11, 2011, 11:03
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As a member of the remaining handful of “regulars” who religiously attend Lancaster Town Board meetings, it may appear to many residents that we were motivated to support political change in Lancaster and take joy in the fact that Republican Dino Fudoli won the Supervisor position for personal reasons. That would be true, but not for personal/party related reasons.

After all, we are the guys who are referred by the Town Board members in public as the regulars, and behind the scenes as the obstructionists, cave dwellers, NIMBYS, and even worse. Well, I assure you that if we take satisfaction in the change, where we no longer have a one party, rubber-stamp oligarchy, we have been waiting for that for some time.

As with the great majority of American voters, the regulars have lost faith in both major parties. That is no more evident than by examining the political party make-up of the group of regulars; three Democrats, an Independence Party member and a blank (unaffiliated.

What we strive for is good governance. Good governance where the community’s best interest is served. Good governance where openness, transparency, credibility and mutual sacrifice rule the day in this tough economic climate.

While some on this message board see Fudoli’s election as limited in opportunity to make change because of his being out-gunned four to one, the regulars see his position bringing an opportunity for debate, exchange and openness; hopefully with civility.

Supervisor-elect Fudoli should know he will be cut no slack by the regulars. At the same time, the incumbents should be advised that if they intend to polarize the board and create gridlock, their actions will receive scrutiny and be made public.

Supervisor Giza and Mr. Fudoli both acknowledged in their campaigns that Lancaster is a great place to live in. While Supervisor Giza boasted of his tireless efforts to make the town the second best place to live in New York, Mr. Fudoli declared Lancaster was great because of the people living here.

While people are moving to Lancaster because it is a great place to raise a family with a good school system, residents should also be made aware that people are also leaving Lancaster because of the high taxes caused by uncontrolled spending; increased taxation sometimes brought about by wasteful spending and an established government that is no longer affordable in its present state.

Residents should also know that despite the residential/commercial development that has taken place in the last 10 years that the poverty rate in Lancaster has increased from 3.9% to 7.6% since the last census. People need to hear that 14% of Lancaster’s children receive free school lunches and that there are a high percentage of other children eligible for reduced lunch pricing. Despite Lancaster being recognized as higher up on the wealth ratio scale, there are many families less fortunate and in need.

People who are moving into town and paying high taxes for high-priced homes on postage size lots should not be berated by some for opposing the high taxes they pay, but for the revenue they bring into the community; and where the services they receive are no more than what others receive. That is of course if they are not the patio and townhomes that receive 40% property and school tax breaks; and in the past several years 40% of new home construction have been those home types.

This should be a time when more open governance is had and where the regulars and others should be getting the information they seek; definitive answers on how our government works and how our money is being responsibly spent, or wasted.

For too long we have been under one party control where the mantra has been, “The people voted us into office with a mandate that we can do as we please.” The next two year should be very interesting and should have a significant bearing on what takes place politically at that time.

The Republicans should be commended for their clean campaign (based on the issues) and the Democratic Party members who continued to run a smear campaign should be admonished and held responsible for costing the party the Supervisor position.

The election is over. It’s time to move forward in a positive way and for everyone to act in the town’s best interest regardless of party affiliation.

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