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Amherst Sidewalks
By George & Kathy Schaeffer
Jun 13, 2011, 12:48
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While I have absolutely no problem with compliance to the law Americans with Disabilities Act, I do have an issue with the enforcement. I spoke to the young Amherst street inspector, armed with the orange spray paint and clip board, about what he was doing. He said he was told by his boss to go out and cite any sidewalk that was at least under or over the next panel of concrete. I then asked how did he determine the result. He clicked the heel of his shoe between the panels and if his heel caught the edge, if it did ever so slightly whoosh, the spray paint went down.

Look at the measuring devices we see and use every day. The measuring spoon, the measuring cup, a yardstick, the gas pump and now a new one the heel of a shoe.

A young inspector, with a heel of a shoe will determine what an half inch is and cite a property owner for perhaps thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Ridiculous.

George & Kathy Schaeffer
172 Washington Highway
Snyder, NY 14226

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