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The truth about Garbage Totes in Cheektowaga
By John C. Stonefield
May 22, 2012, 12:26
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We were all overtaxed! The totes will be paid by money owed back to the taxpayers of this town. This so called surplus as it is call by our representatives is not theirs to spend. For example if each tote costs $150.00 and there are 30,000 currently needed according to Supervisor Mary Holtz. That is four and a half million dollars that should be paid back with interest or put toward our next years tax bill. Budget surpluses should be returned to the hard working tax payer automatically. Doing business as usual should not fly anymore especially with the amount of wasteful spending we currently have in this town. Officials have a responsibility to us who pay their salaries. Why is it that we allow them to keep our money when any other business issues a check for over payments. Aren't their any attorney's who live in Cheektowaga who want their money back?

If current laws were enforced regarding people keeping their yards free of garbage and putting a common sense rule in place that mandates that secured lids be on the garbage cans while at the curb. The rats would have a smaller food source and the population would go down. “The rat problem will not be eliminated“as quoted from our current Supervisor at one of the public meetings. Some people will leave totes uncovered, and still have garbage outside on their property's. As for cans rolling in the streets there are other ways to deal with that problem. People of this town are not stupid just complacent. Garbage totes are just another expansion of government and big industry into our lives and homes. The time for smaller more efficient government is long overdue. Maintaining over taxes at current levels is unacceptable and a crock of manure. It is time to cut taxes, along with the people who do not understand we are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY (T.E.A.)

I have been told that the waste business will have tracking chips in these totes. What else will they track? Do we really need them involved in our lives this way. What will be next? Currently you can put as many bags with in reason amount without with out any extra charges. When the totes come you will have to call for an extra pickup and, most likely be charged an extra fee. If you live in certain parts of the town you have racoons and possums to deal with. My current garbage cans lids are secure enough to not be lifted by the cleaver creatures. These totes lids can be easily lifted by any racoons.

Our officials have never mentioned the additional costs for maintenance of the arms attached to the trucks. You the taxpayer will pay for the parts the the time to keep them functioning. Let us not forget the holes that will have to be repaired in them as trapped rats eat there way out..Our officials also mentioned they will not eliminate any workers by adding these totes to our already crowded lives.
So there will be no cost savings to anyone! The council persons and the supervisor should be put in jail for robbing us our the surplus taxes. We would be fined and then jailed if we did not pay them. When will people wake up and elect people who want to make the hard decisions and cut expenses rather than giving it all away to big business. We will be paying for additional totes and their maintenance costs for any new homes constructed in Cheektowaga. We will be paying g for these totes forever. What happens if we get a better price for garbage collection from another company with different totes?

John C. Stonefield
resident of Cheektowaga

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