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Albany Tax Revolt, Join Us at the next Tea Party
By Rus Thompson
Apr 4, 2009, 15:39
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The first ever Tea Party/Tax Revolt that was held on March was such an success and the demand for another bigger, better one has caused me to start organizing another. So many people said they would have gone but didn’t know about it. Well now is the time to start putting together another and get everyone involved.

We need ideas on where to have the next one. Suggestions have been The water front park in North Tonawanda or Niagara Square. No matter where we have to have it on a Saturday so we don’t have to lose time from work to protest. Please leave your suggestion.

So many emails I have not been able to keep up with them all. So many great ideas for signs, T-shirts etc….

Albany politicians, the three men in a room just stuck it to us without remorse and then claim this is a responsible budget all the while raising spending 9% raising taxes 31% and they will do it again and again if we do not stop them and demand restructuring and reform.

I laid out a list of demands and these demands are for the people of Western New York and our very survival.

#1 Removal of Sheldon Silver as Speaker of the Assembly. Install a new speaker from WNY and split the control between 10 to 12 Assemblymen. Will we no longer tolerate the dictatorship in either the Assembly or the Senate. No one individual should have control over everything as they do right now.

#2 Remove Tolls from Western New York. No more waiting for the Lackawana and Williamsville tolls to be moved. 74 years is far to long to continue paying for the Grand Island Bridges, Take them down. All of our major commuter roads are tolled, we are double taxed and it must end now.

#3 Balanced redistricting of districts. No more gerrymandered districts. This state needs competitive elections where we can hold our elected representatives accountable. When a district is dominated by one party, it is virtually impossible to elect someone new. This has to end and redistricting must be done now.

#4 Constitutional Convention.

I will add as needed to this list and it will be delivered to the Governor, Senate Leader, Speaker Silver and every elected rep in Albany.

Bring your signs, at the first one I saw some of the best signs and even read some of them over the speaker system. The TV channels have replayed the Tea Party over and over so we made an impact, now we need to make a bigger one and send this message loud and strong to Albany.

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