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Customs Broker Buffalo - Clear Quick Customs Brokerage
Mar 18, 2016, 18:46

North Tonawanda, NY, March 18th, 2016 – With over 30 years in the Customs Brokerage business, Deborah Monkelbaan has founded ClearQuick Customs Brokerage headquartered in North Tonawanda, NY, strategically located between the Peace Bridge and Lewiston Bridge near Buffalo, NY.

“Business owners and managers are continuously being challenged to reduce cost while being ever conscious of regulatory requirements. By ensuring our customers have direct access to a licensed US Customs Broker 24/7/365, we can efficiently provide the valuable information required by importers to make quick and informed decisions” says Deborah Monkelbaan. “When you call ClearQuick – a licensed Customs Broker who can assist you answers the phone – no call centers, no transfers, no voicemail. You have immediate access to a licensed broker.”

ClearQuick Customs Brokerage offers a full range of Import and Customs Brokerage services at all US Ports of Entry from Importer Security Filing(ISF) to Customs Entry Filing and Post Entry Amendments. They assist large scale importers with their scheduled shipments as well as one-time importers who need help navigating the import and Customs clearance process for the first time.

More information regarding the services offered by ClearQuick can be found at

Deborah Monkelbaan
3659 Meadowbrook Acres
N. Tonawanda, NY 14120

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