THE GOLDEN GIRLS: The Lost Episodes, Vol 2 Alleyway Theatre
Nov 19, 2021, 13:57

Through November 21
THE GOLDEN GIRLS: The Lost Episodes, Vol 2 Alleyway Theatre

From the top, I have no strong feelings about “The Golden Girls,” even as friends are obsessed about this TV show of four older women sharing quarters under palm trees in Florida.
There are others who are obsessed with their stories and they are clearly among the crowd which packed the Alleyway Theatre the night I saw the show, many seemingly straight from Happy Hour.
The David Cerda show is called “The Golden Girls: The Lost Episodes, Vol 2.”
This the latest installment in these productions.
Looking at the program, it’s obvious Todd Warfield is among the devotees of Blanche (Michael Bebe Blasdell), Rose (Joey Bucheker), Sophia (Jessica K. Rasp or Matthew Rittler) and Dorothy (Michael Wachowiak).
Warfield is director, costumer, wig wrangler, properties chief and set dresser.
That may be why the production is being done on perhaps the most elaborate set I have ever seen in the Alleyway.
While the show is based on a television show, the script probably wouldn’t have passed the standards rules of the TV network which put the show on the air.
It’s funny and raunchy and real.
It’s also mixed with Mark Montondo as the host of a game show which periodically interrupts the lives of the four women.
Is this great theater?
Is it entertaining?
Is it appropriate for a time of doom, of bad times which never seem to go away?
Oh, yes.
That’s why a mix of the bars and restaurants of Downtown, including the new bar at the Alleyway Theatre, are absolute eat and drink places before seeing and enjoying “The Golden Girls: The Lost Episodes, Vol 2.”


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