TO THE NEW GIRL FROM THE FORMER MRS.____: Sound advice for my husband's new wife or mistress First Look Buffalo & The New Phoenix Theatreu
Sep 30, 2021, 12:09

Through October 3
TO THE NEW GIRL FROM THE FORMER MRS.____: Sound Advice for My Husband’s New Wife or Mistress First Look Buffalo/The New Phoenix Theatre in the Park

Samantha Macher’s “To The New Girl from the former Mrs.___: Sound Advice for my husband’s new wife or mistress” sometimes seems like a theatrical audition.
That’s performers seeking a role who have their audition piece and a few minutes on stage to demonstrate their skill.
Of course, the show is also a portrait of men behaving badly, as discussed by female significant others.
Many of these tirades sound familiar from stories I’ve heard over the years and any reader probably has heard equally bad stories.
Performers simply get up on stage and tell their segment of the story, with very little scenery, just an actor and a story.
The program isolates the stories: Pandora Kew’s “Melanie (With a Meat Cleaver) or Kathryn Schneider’s “Karen (The way to a Man’s Heart is Through his Stomach.).
Relationships are complicated things, some good, some bad and a whole lot shifting around in the middle.
These are relationships which have gone bad instantly, slowly or secretly.
These are the relationships of cheating, of trying to keep a wife or partner from knowing there is a rival.
Who knows?
The audience appeared heavily female, the night I saw the show and I suspect that’s routine.
The biggest problem with the show is the nature of these one-woman vignettes, inability to really warm up and get things rolling.
Some performers handle it all smoothly, like Mary Craig with her decades of experience (With Harriet (For my grandparents, R and Pop.).
The best way to deal with this show and it’s ten different stories is to just sit back and get angry because these are so often tales of betrayal and abandonment.
For women in the audience, they probably recognize what’s on stage from real life, friends, relatives or even themselves.
Guys might be very uncomfortable because they might have heard some of these stories from the other side, not admitting there are two-sides to the story.
Maybe the guys could skip this.
See “TO THE NEW GIRL FROM THE FORMER MRS.____Sound advice for my husband’s new wife or Mistress.”


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