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By Michael Puglia
Dec 23, 2020, 10:17

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many families are struggling to find ways to make the holidays feel special. Plans of long-standing traditions and get-togethers have needed to quickly transform into virtual experiences, relying on video-calling platforms and social media sites to replace in-person interactions — a trend seen across the board as more than 50 percent of adults have increased their social media usage since the pandemic. To help spread the holiday cheer and make the digital experience that much merrier, Savor has compiled a list of six simple tips to bring the (digital) Christmas cheer this year in a simple, easy-to-implement fashion.

“The holidays are a time for togetherness and celebration — two things that are definitely challenges this year. What’s even tougher are some families feeling it is too late to create something special for the holidays,” said Savor Spokesperson Diya Bisu. “By providing quick tips and recipes to families this season, we can help families create memorable moments — even if they are last minute — that can last a lifetime, shaping new traditions for years to come.”

Listed below are the six tips, ideas and recipes compiled by Savor that families can implement this holiday season. All pieces can be quickly created/cooked with ingredients and things already found in most homes — with others needing only a small trip to a local grocery store:

1. Time to table it: With all eyes on dinner, have your table be as good looking as the food. Make an effort for the family to come together and collectively decorate the table with favorite decorations, flatware, ornaments and other additions for a photo-ready setting. (b-roll for stories can be found here).

2. Step up your cheese plate: Cheese squares and club crackers step aside — a baked brie wreath is up for this year. This delicious, photo-ready starter can be created together and become a new tradition passed down from generation to generation.

3. Do dessert, together: Memories are made in the kitchen — and baking a coconut cream pie together is a recipe for success. It goes beyond the standard store-bought baked goods while creating fun experiences and learning opportunities for the whole family.

4. Upgrade Santa’s milk and cookies: Moving the family higher up on Santa’s nice list has never been easier with simple upgrades to the standard milk and cookies. Chocolate Candy Cane Milk, Caramel Eggnog Milk and Vanilla Holiday Cookie Milk can quench Santa’s thirst while Ricotta Cookies and Inside Out Chocolate Chip Cookies will keep him fueled for his long night ahead.

5. Have a virtual movie night: Get the whole family together for a (digital) movie night. Have the family all rent the same movie on a specific night and enjoy some of Santa’s milk and cookies. After the movie, start a video call with everyone in the family that watched to talk and enjoy dessert, together.

6. Make hot chocolate that’s the bomb: Transforming the once simple process of making hot chocolate into an enjoyable experience has never been easier with Peppermint Hot Cocoa Bombs. These fun, trendy sweets can easily be made and shared across social media sites, sparking fun online conversations for kids and adults alike.

Savor provides inspirational, yet attainable recipes for busy families all year round. From trying easy-to-make stuffed French toast on a Sunday morning to new takes on classic comfort foods and holiday baking inspiration, Savor is a place for people of all cooking and baking experience to get fresh ideas. A full list of recipes and more can be found at

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