AFTER THE FALL Manny Fried Playhouse/Post-Industrial Productions
Apr 5, 2019, 15:26

Through April 6
AFTER THE FALL Manny Fried Playhouse/ Subversive Theatre and Post-Industrial Productions

Arthur Millerís ďAfter the FallĒ is a cathartic look at Millerís chaotic marriage to Marilyn Monroe.
Oh, sorry, itís about the marriage of lefty lawyer Quentin (Darryl Hart) to Maggie (Bethany Burrows).
Yeah. Sure.
Director Bob Van Valin emphasizes this with Maggieís makeup and Brenna Pratherís dresses to look like Monroe.
This is not Millerís best work, a rambling, disjointed, endless flow of words from Quentin, a man constantly moving around the stage and seemingly never off stage for around three hours in the Manny Fried Playhouse.
Hart delivers a strong performance as an avatar to the playwright, a man torn by his philandering, his first wife, his kid, his radical politics, his Communist buddies, his law practice and the House Un-American Activities Committee and, just, life.
Everything he thought was important and structured starts drifting away, marriage, friendship, even his law practice and he tears his mental structure apart in tangled thought.
He meets the much younger Maggie, gets into a wreck of a marriage and wrecks his professional life.
Of course, we canít prove this is Marilyn but the old logical fallacy doesnít apply, this is after the marriage and that does apply, not post hoc, ergo propter hoc.
Like Monroe, Maggie came from an absolutely dysfunctional background and is completely scarred by that, inside a body of beauty and performing skill.
You canít decide whether to loathe the two or feel sorry for such troubled people colliding in a relationship.
Miller offers one out, the possibility of Quentin taking another crack at marriage in hopes of peace.
The creators of this production are limited by what Arthur Miller put on paper and edited (or didnít edit) for his script.
Someday, when the copyright runs out on this, a director is going to knock out a half-hour or so and produce a taut, tight story of disintegration.
Here, in ďAfter the Fall,Ē everyone involved does the best they can in dealing with a cathartic tale of how a life can go wrong and then get worse.


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