Warren - West Seneca needs to transfer its water to ECWA
By Daniel T. Warren
Feb 16, 2019, 10:03

In 2015 the Town bonded close to $8 million to perform repairs on our water system and to convert from a leased managed to direct service with the Erie County Water Authority. At the time we were told that the repairs would be completed in November 2016 with the transfer to ECWA to take place in early 2017. However, this does not to have been done since in the most recent budget we are still paying for the water districts.

There are two separate systems within the town: a direct service area, along the borders of Buffalo and Lackawanna that is completely serviced by the ECWA; and eight, lease-managed districts of varying size to the east containing approximately 9,000 dwellings.

In the direct service area, “Erie County owns and operates the system. They pay for any of the repairs that are necessary,” Jason A. Foote, of Clark Patterson Lee, explained during a Town Board meeting in 2013. The town pays a hydrant maintenance fee.

Back in 2013 we were told that the town is responsible for all capital improvements in the eight leased districts, where the water authority handles customer service, billing, meter reading and maintenance. The town doesn’t have a Water Department, and has practically no budget nor manpower for its responsibilities.

We need to shed operations such as this and get out of the water business and we need to look at doing something like this to our sewer districts.

If elected to the West Seneca Town Board I will work for you to make this happen.

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