THE KATHY AND MO SHOW: Parallel Lives/The Dark Side Shea's Smith Theatre/O'Connell & Company
Jan 26, 2019, 17:03

Through January 27
THE KATHY & MO SHOW: Parallel Lives/The Dark side Shea’s Smith Theatre/O’Connell & Company

At one time, theater was Shakespeare or vaudeville.
Fewer people are interested in the Bard today and vaudeville disappeared about the time Shea’s Buffalo was built.
That’s why most shows today are full-length telling a story.
“The Kathy & Mo Show: Parallel Lives/The Dark Side”,/B> is really a rollback to vaudeville, sketch comedy.
Here, the sketches are, at most, two people, Pamela Rose Mangus and Mary Kate O’Connell, who have done all of this before.
Not all the sketches work, although the two performers give their best to the work from Mo Gaffney and Kathy Najimy.
The show skews a little religious, from the two as angels creating the world and setting up the behavior and racial rules to young Catholic women looking for confession because they broke the rules which came down to them.
Because they jump back and forth in their lives, it can be confusing.
The two winners in the list are the meeting of the Disney Moms Support Group, from Bambi’s mother to Jumbo’s mother attacking the movie treatment of their kids, to two elderly ladies who have started taking a women’s studies course and wind up in a really tangled art show, with Mo (O’Connell) discovering her much-loved nephew is gay and rolling with it.
This is all an exhibition for Mangus and O’Connell, how good they are as performers.
Director Victoria Perez does a good job of keeping up the pace of the show, on Tracey Pici’s minimal setttings.
“Kathy & Mo” are worth seeing for the messages from the writers and for the performances by Mangus and O’Connell.


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