It is time for West Seneca to restore its representation!
By Daniel T. Warren
Oct 5, 2018, 10:38

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018, the voters of West Seneca will have the opportunity to vote to increase their Town Board from 2 Councilmen and 1 Supervisor to 4 Councilmen and 1 Supervisor by voting YES to the proposition: "Shall the number of councilmen be increased from two to four in the Town of West Seneca?"

If approved these seats will be filled at the general election in November 2019 after the candidates went through the usual petitioning and primary processes for their respective parties. These seats will not be filled by appointment. For those who say we need better people in office this is would be the time for you to support those candidates in the petitioning and primary process.

Since the downsizing in 2009 the total budget increased by $8.7 million or 27.35%. Diminishing our representation did not save any money, instead it placed too much power in too few people. James Madison in Federalist 55 warned us of a dangerously small legislative body. A 3 member legislative body is a dangerously small legislative body.

In 2015 The Town of Hamburg went back to a 5 member Town Board from a 3 member Town Board. At that time Steve Walters was reported as stating:

"There can't be that proper communication when you have a three-member board because of the Open Meetings Law. It really makes it difficult to run day-to-day operations. It makes it difficult to bring a new proposal or new ideas to the table . . .

It's good we're going back to a-five member board. It's going to lead to a lot greater efficiencies, a lot better communication, you're going to see a lot more new ideas coming forth and I think all around you're going to see a better town government," said Walters ( )

Vote YES to this proposition on November 6, 2018!

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