Taxes and Fees
An open letter to County Executive Mark Poloncrarz
By Frank A. Sikorski
Oct 19, 2012, 10:47

Just a note, I as a property taxpayer find myself in opposition to any increase in county taxes. Let's be serious a 3.4 % increase???? An increase in school taxes, a proposed increase in town taxes ?? Where does it stop ????

It was just announced that SS recipients would receive a 1.7 % increase most of which would be eroded by increases in health care costs.

Most people in the private sector as well as retirees are struggling to make ends meet. Everywhere we turn the cost of living is rising precipitously.

In light of the present economic situation increasing the cost of government at any level is unconscionable!

We as taxpayers can no longer afford to pay extravagant salaries and fringe benefits to the public sector. We can no longer overlook the waste in management and operation of government programs and projects.

We need a new direction - its called streamline, economize, live within a budget , and do without when necessary just as we in the private realm have to do everyday !

Thank you for your attention to this matter!

Frank A. Sikorski
Board of Directors
Depew/ Cheektowaga Taxpayers

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