By Lee Chowaniec
Aug 20, 2003, 11:48

I was previledged and fortunate to receive a copy of the correspondence drafted by Jeremy Colby on behalf of the Pleasant Meadows citizens group. The petitioners are sending their drafted questionaire to all candidates seeking election for this year's Town of Lancaster Supervisor and Council Member positions.

It is a unique and responsible approach by the homeowners residing next to the proposed Pleasant Meadows LLC project to sound out the canidates on some environmental and other concerns related to the development, and how they would administer should they be elected or re-elected.

This is a large project and has many significant adverse impacts associated with it. It should be interesting to see who responds, and in what manner. What is most important is that this tact makes them accountable - now and in the future, should they be elected to office.

Kudos to Jeremy & Kimberly Colby and the members of the citizens group.


The residents of Walden Trace and Lancaster generally are interested in the candidates' positions on growth/sprawl issues.

Many residents sent the Town written comments concerning the proposed Pleasant Meadows project. You may review the comments that I filed 12/16/02 at - in the event that you are interested in additional information re this project. Alternatively, I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Jeremy A. Colby


August 19, 2003

Supervisor Robert Giza Mayor William Cansdale
Councilwoman Donna Stempniak Ken O'Brien, Village Trustee
Lancaster Town Hall Lancaster Village Hall
21 Central Avenue 5423 Broadway
Lancaster, NY 14086 Lancaster, NY 14086

Dan Amatura
21 Burwell Avenue
Lancaster, NY 14086

Dan Centinello Mike Myszka, Planning Board
474 Pleasant View Drive Lancaster Town Hall
Lancaster, NY 14086 21 Central Avenue
Lancaster, NY 14086

Re: Pleasant Meadows Rezone - What is Your Position?

Dear Candidates:

I write on behalf of many residents of the Walden Trace neighborhood. As you may know, the Pleasant Meadows LLC's rezone petition is currently pending before the Town Board. Walden Trace residents want to know where each of you stand with respect to this rezone request. Please provide a written response to myself (which I will distribute). Alternatively, we would welcome a response published in either the Lancaster Bee or Buffalo News.

As evidenced at the rezone hearing on March 17, 2003, many residents are opposed to the rezone request. To my knowledge, none of the concerns addressed at the rezone hearing (or the January 14, 2003 SEQR hearing) have yet been addressed. In any event, the residents of the Walden Trace neighborhood look forward to your

Specifically, we would like to know, if you are elected, would you:

(1) vote in favor of the rezone request;

(2) permit the existing dead-ends at Seneca Place and Newberry Lane to be extended so as to permit traffic from the Pleasant Meadows site to travel through our neighborhood;

(3) accept the developer's "gift" of wetlands, thereby eliminating their responsibility for taxes and liability;

(4) require the developer to contractually guarantee that no soil problems will result in Amherst-like problems in the future.

Additional information concerning this project may be found in my written comments to the Town Board dated December 16, 2002 and January 30, 2003 - as well as many other comments submitted by residents.

Finally, I am interested in organizing a "meet the candidates" night so that you can meet the Walden Trace residents in order to hear our concerns and discuss your positions with respect to Pleasant Meadows and other growth


Jeremy A. Colby; Kimberly E. Colby

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