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Take Back New York
By Daniel T. Warren
Oct 14, 2007, 13:05

Over the past several years I have become more and more active in asserting and protecting my rights as a citizen and taxpayer. I have successfully challenged the Erie County Legislature on their violations of the Open Meetings Law, I am currently challenging what I believe is my right to vote on our State's apparent policy change on commercialized gambling. I and others are challenging the Town of West Seneca over what we believe is the violation of our Town's zoning laws and the State Environmental Quality Review Act. I have decided to share what I have learned over the last several years with the public. I believe there are a lot of other fights out there by citizens against over reaching public officers. I have decided to start a site dedicated to providing information to other citizens and taxpayer of the State that they can use to make their respectiv public officers accountable to the pepople that they serve and represent the concerns of the people. The sie is This will be a website dedicated to providing citizens and activists in New York with the tools and information to take action in their communities. What the site will do is provide information and tools. What the site will not do is to take sides or support one endeavor over another or make any endorsements. It will be politically neutral and non-partisan.

I am just starting to place content on the site and I decided that I will start with the town first then village and city, etc.

Any suggestion, comments or feedback please e-mail

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