Buffalo’s Architecture; the past in pictures.
By Cindy Gauthier
Feb 22, 2005, 00:23

In an old box of Architectural images from the 1920’s, I found some torn-out pages of a book that was published exclusively for S. H. Knox, printed by L. H. Nelson Co. of Portland, Maine. The date of this issue is unknown to me.

I post these images here with great respect for the structural design that made the City of Buffalo one of the best cities in the County.

Some of the buildings are still very much present today and are used for other means, like the Post Office is now an Erie Community College, and Buffalo’s City Hall is now Erie County Hall. Others have been demolished and as time went on, different structures took their place. The Erie County Bank Building at the corners of Main and Church Streets is now the site of the Main Place Mall.

The Lafayette Square monument was unveiled in 1884, it still stands today in a ‘gathering-like’ setting where summer concerts at Thursday in the Square are held. The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library Downtown Branch is now across the street, adjacent to the Lafayette Hotel.

The Ellicott Square Building was once thought as largest in the world because it took up an entire city block.

Here is some of Buffalo’s Architecture; the past in pictures:

Inner part of the book.

top: The 20th Century Club, Bottom: Knights of the MacCabees

The 74th Regiment Armory.

left: Buffalo Savings Bank. Right: Bank of Buffalo (no longer standing)

Boat House, Delaware Park

Top: Robert K. Roots residence. Bottom: George William's Residence.

F. D. Townsend's residence. Bottom: The Avery mansion.

Left: Delaware Ave. Baptist Church. Right: First Presbyterian Church.

City Hall (now County Hall)

The Country Club of Buffalo (still standing as a Country Club).

Residence of Charles Williams, Delaware Ave.

Erie County bank Building (no longer standing, the same location as the now Main Place Mall)

Erie County jail and the Municipal Building

The Ellicott Square Building (once thought of as the largest building in the world).

The genesse Building

Left: Iroquois Hotel. Right: The Masonic Temple.

Kittinger Company ( a sketching)

Lafayette Square & Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument.

Main Street

Top: George V. Foeman residence. Bottom: C. W. Goodyear residence.

Richmond Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church.

The Post Office (now ECC downtown).

Prudential Building

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