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Thread: Had enough yet

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    Are Americans sick of the left's extremism?

    Tired of Biden’s lies and hypocrisy? FOX’s Steve Hilton believes so and gives some persuasive reasons.

    STEVE HILTON: He's recklessly exploiting America's fault lines for his own partisan advantage; it's become almost pathological the way they do the exact thing they accuse everyone else of. That's why they allowed mobs of militant protesters to illegally demonstrate outside Supreme Court justices' homes over a decision they didn't like. Why they weaponized the DOJ and the FBI to go after their political opponents, pushed law enforcement onto concerned parents now branded domestic terrorists, at the same time, pulling law enforcement off actual criminals, defunding the police, demoralizing the police with pro-criminal district attorneys, letting America's cities descend into squalor, crime, and chaos.

    They want a new army of IRS agents, training them in armed combat, no doubt to pursue political opponents, while allowing their own billionaire pro-crime activist George Soros to avoid taxes through partisan voter registration schemes that illegally abuse charity law. Time after time, they pushed policies to control everyone else, but not themselves. Closing public schools while their kids' private schools stay open. Pushing gun control while stashing their own guns in their own homes. De-funding the police while they travel around with their own armed private security.

    Championing illegal immigration, but only in your town, not theirs. They call Republicans violent extremists, but it was a Democrat politician in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago who brutally murdered a journalist investigating his corruption. This week, an 18-year-old was brutally murdered, mowed down by a man who claimed he did it because he thought the teen was part of a Republican extremist group. Not a word from Biden condemning political violence carried out by Democrats. Under Biden, the Democrats have descended into the absolute depths of political cynicism and extremism. Exactly what you'd expect from a weak, corrupt, mediocre machine politician totally controlled by his hard left activist base. Unbelievably, Biden still brags about how bipartisan he wants to be.

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    And then there’s the federal deficit

    Democrats are desperate to demonize, slander, smear, besmirch any Republican at all costs. Regular working people are growing increasingly fed up with the outrageous allegations while the American people are dealing with real economic struggles while the Biden administration is in denial of the destructive nature of their policies.

    How grossly out of touch they are with the realities and the struggles of everyday Americans all across this country. They're exposing how directly they are lying to us, trying to paint these rosy pictures that are blatantly false and thinking that we're too stupid to see through their lies and therefore exposing their arrogance. But the reality is the American people are living what's true, which is not this rosy fantasy picture.

    A remarkable incompetence to go from a booming one to high inflation, a party that's been overtaken by Marxist misfits and radical leftists.

    What people fail to give importance to is the federal deficit.

    Since that CBO statement in late July, the deficit problem has become more acute. The United States is hemorrhaging debt. The principal cause of consumer price inflation running above 8% on an annual basis is too much federal government spending. Before the pandemic, federal debt held by the public was already on an unsustainable trajectory. It is largely caused by overly generous entitlements and a shrinking working population to pay for benefits for an increasing number of elderly citizens.

    Borrowing to deal with the pandemic accelerated the federal government’s walk to the precipice of a national debt crisis. The Trump administration enacted over $3 trillion of new borrowing. Responsible post-pandemic action would have been a fiscal pivot to entitlement reform, but Joe Biden became president. His administration instead embarked on helicopter drops of money on the economy. The Committee for a Responsible Budget recently projected that new policies "will add more than $4.8 trillion to deficits" over the next decade.

    Today, the federal debt held by the public stands at 98% of gross domestic product, up from just under 80% on Sept. 30, 2019, just before the pandemic. Biden likes to tout the deficit-fighting credentials of his administration. In his March State of the Union address, Biden claimed he would be "the only president ever to cut the deficit by more than $1 trillion in a single year."

    That's laugh-out-loud material. In reality, the policies that reduced the deficit were set in stone; Biden did nothing positive in that regard. Moreover, what Biden won't acknowledge is that his free-spending policies will contribute importantly to ever-increasing deficits.

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    Biden shrugs off abysmal economy

    In 15 months, an incompetent Biden administration took a booming economy into one of high inflation, a deepening recession, and where consumer debt is surging, and consumer confidence is waning.

    Consumer Debt Hits Record for Most Americans, Except the Wealthy

    Consumer debt, including credit cards, rose to an all-time high for the 118 million US households among the bottom 90%, according to the Federal Reserve’s latest data on the distribution of household wealth. The group’s debt soared by $300 billion over the last year -- the largest annual gain on record -- as households deal with higher prices for everything from food to clothing and rents. Meanwhile, consumer debt among the top 10% of households is virtually unchanged over the past year, the Fed’s data show.

    Inflation is running near a 40-year high, forcing many households to load up on credit cards or dip into savings to make ends meet. Lower-income families spend a greater share of their earnings on necessities like groceries and gas, so higher prices can afflict those households much more so than wealthier ones, said Paige Ouimet, a finance professor at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. “If your costs are rising and your wages are not picking up, how are people going to fill that gap? Without substantial savings to draw from, it’s going to have to come from debt,” she said.

    The Fed data show that consumer liabilities increased to $4.22 trillion in the second quarter of this year for the bottom 90%. As the central bank continues to push interest rates higher to tame inflation, that’ll translate to higher costs for consumers to service their debt.

    Credit-card interest rates for new accounts have risen above 20% for those with “good” or “fair” credit, according to WalletHub, an online personal finance data firm.

    Biden made this! To say otherwise is defending the defenseless.

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    Possibility of sabotage to the Nord Stream pipelines

    Whoever is responsible for the Nord Stream pipeline explosions, we need to ask ourselves "Is the Ukraine War starting to spin-out of control, and are we now in World War Three?" What are the consequences to the American people – already voicing their weariness and discontent on a war that is significantly impacting their lives.

    While the Democrats have been working overtime to sell lies to the American people regarding the economy, inflation, border security, and crime, and U.S. involvement in Ukraine / Russian peace process, today’s suspicion that the Nord Stream pipelines were breached by sabotage does not bode well for the Biden administration.

    TUCKER CARLSON: What really happened to the Nord Stream pipeline?

    Tulsi Gabbard: US is pushing for 'more destruction' in Ukraine conflict

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    The energy transition must be based in reality

    Environmental justice advocates have long argued that we must adapt to our new reality where extreme weather is more common and deadlier. That means we need to ensure our power grid can handle the increased energy demand that comes with heat waves and have additional resources available if a storm takes some power sources offline. The best way to do that is to have a diverse portfolio of power sources that can be called upon in a crisis.

    The role of the federal government in energy policy should be to set the objective and get out of the way to allow market participants to deliver the best possible suite of energy solutions, reliably and affordably, to the consumer.

    All 50 states received final approval Tuesday to begin construction on a first nationwide network of EV charging stations that places one roughly every 50 miles (80 kilometers) along interstate highways, part of the Biden administration's plan to spur widespread adoption of zero-emission cars.

    By year's end, drivers could start seeing expansions and upgrades to existing highway EV stations in states such as California, Colorado, Florida and Pennsylvania that now feature at least four fast-charger ports, enabling EVs to fully recharge in about an hour. Construction of new EV charging locations could begin by next spring.

    Joe Biden has set a goal that 50% of new U.S. car sales be electric by 2030, and his administration touts new tax credits next year of up to $7,500 as making electric vehicles accessible for everyday Americans. Still, the five-year plans suggest a potentially long and bumpy road ahead for a highway EV network, with states citing risks such as a lack of electricity grid capacity, supply chain shortages and equity concerns.

    Texas, California and Florida say their grid should be able to handle increased capacity of a million or more EVs, other states aren't so sure. Under the Transportation Department requirements, states also must focus first on more expensive fast chargers on highway routes that typically cost $40,000 to $100,000 to install, rather than keying in on neighborhoods and communities with Level 2 chargers that are cheaper but take a few hours to provide a full charge.

    Currently, electric vehicle owners charge their vehicles at home 80% of the time, typically at single family houses. But that is likely to change as the less affluent who don’t have a garage to house a charging station buy EVs. It may delay implementation by several years.

    California’s electrical grid emergency shows its energy policy gamble is a bad bet. Record high demand during a heat wave strained the electric grid to power air conditioners, household appliances, electric cars, and lighting, as well as businesses and industry.
    Such a heat wave is out of Californians’ control, but hot, dry weather is nothing new for California and should be a given when planning for grid reliability.

    California is trying to force electrification of everything. For example, California set regulations prohibiting the sale of new gasoline-powered cars by 2035 and similar regulations for trucks by 2045; is banning gasoline-powered lawn care equipment starting in 2024; bans new gasoline stations and new natural gas household heating and appliances (such as gas stoves and ovens) in some localities; and subsidizes up to $4,500 for purchasing zero emission vehicles on top of federal tax favors. (Unsurprisingly, there are many times more EVs in California than in any other state.)

    California’s other major policy objective is to mandate “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions from the entire economy by no later than 2045, much like Europe has done. To this end, the state attorney general is opposing expansion of a natural gas pipeline from Canada, and the legislature recently passed more stringent regulations on oil- and gas-production wells.

    Today’s Florida hurricane has knocked out electricity for 2 million households and businesses. If in the future the state were 100%electrification mandated, the consequences would be….

    Changes to our energy supply should be based in reality, not dictated by bumper sticker slogans. Changes to our energy supply should be based in reality, not dictated by bumper sticker slogans.

    All types of fuels and technologies will be needed to supply the future power grid, but they will operate differently than they do today and will need to be compensated for the attributes they bring to the grid. Allowing the government to pick winners and losers — or subsidizing green energy while punishing traditional energy resources like coal mining — is a recipe for an unreliable grid that costs more than it should. The government has an exceedingly poor track record of predicting the future, and when tens of billions of dollars are at stake, there is no such thing as a small mistake.

    The Inflation Reduction Act includes another decade of subsidies for them, driving capital away from other resources that are critical to ensuring grid reliability or fostering innovation. An energy transition grounded in reality would support continued investment in nuclear and natural gas alongside the expansion of renewables. This may come as a shock to some, but we can have both intermittent and dispatchable sources of power, and they work well together. The cost of the future grid isn’t free. There are costs to ensure reliability, and we must marry that with affordability.

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    Cornell professor warns universities are eliminating meaning of 'objective truth' from classrooms with CRT

    An Ivy League biology professor is sounding the alarm on how critical race theory curricula is erasing the meaning and even existence of "objective truth" from classrooms and teaching a generation of students to treat the truth "fast and loose."

    "We're supposed to be training people like biologists that will become doctors to make us healthier. Mechanical engineers that will build bridges or skyscrapers," associate professor at Cornell University’s School of Integrative Plant Science Randy Wayne told Fox News Digital in a phone interview this month. "And if they are trained on a foundation that there is no truth, nobody wants to be operated on by such a surgeon or drive over a bridge made by such an engineer."

    "And I'm afraid that's just where the universities are going. Training people to treat the truth fast and loose in order to obtain just what you want. And in the case of the universities, what they want is what they call social justice. And they're willing to pay to play fast and loose with the truth to get it."

    As a scientist and teacher, Wayne said his purpose is to search for truth and teach his students how to search for truth. "Critical race theory, which is based on the postmodernist assumption that there is no truth, there's no objective truth, it's just a no-starter for me," Wayne said. "You could create any fantasy land you want; it has nothing to do with reality. And, frankly, the way it's used, it causes fear and terror in all the people that are afraid to answer the mantra the way they believe it should be answered."

    Wayne emailed the school’s president, Martha Pollack, and other university leaders on May 25, 2021, arguing against the CRT initiatives and detailing how critical race theorists’ arguments "can neither stand up to rational academic rigor nor change the hearts of people." The email went unanswered. So Wayne emailed again and again over the past year and a half but has only heard "crickets."

    As for the future of education amid the embrace of CRT by universities and schools, Wayne hopes the "pendulum will swing back" and quoted lyrics written by George Harrison for the song "Hurdy Gurdy Man," which was sung by Scottish musician Donovan. "When the truth gets buried deep, beneath a thousand years of sleep, time demands a turn around, and once again the truth is found," the lyrics say. "And that's actually what I'm hoping for, by speaking out for, not for my truth, but for people to find their own truth … the importance of truth. Then they'll say 'Okay, it's time for a turnaround,'" Wayne said.

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    Higher interest rates make it much more expensive to buy a home in America

    As the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to fight inflation, the housing market has been feeling the effects of this monetary policy more intensely than other parts of the economy. Since the beginning of the year, the interest rate on a 30-year mortgage loan has climbed from about 3% to nearly 7%, making it much more expensive to buy a house.

    Buying a home in the U.S. with a 20% down payment in 2021 — when the average sales price according to data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) was $357,100 and the average 30-year mortgage interest rate was about 3% — meant your monthly payment would have been roughly $1,204.

    As of May of this year, the average median price of a home in the U.S. climbed to $414,200, the NAR data shows. Accounting for the higher mortgage rates, which reached a 6.7% average this week, the monthly payment would be about $2,138 — an increase of just over 43%.
    Put differently, NAR said in August the average qualifying annual income to be able to afford a home in the U.S. with a 20% down payment reached $88,371 — a 37% increase from the qualifying income of $58,314 one year ago.
    How much higher could mortgage rates go? According to one mortgage rate tracking firm, some lenders are now quoting as high as 7%.

    The upshot: As long as inflation remains hot, the housing market will remain expensive and increasingly out of reach for average Americans. At some point, housing could become so unaffordable that the market completely freezes up. Assuming bond yields stabilize, lenders may begin to soften their terms.

    There are signs housing prices are cooling. In July, home prices fell for the first time since March 2012, according to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller index which tracks changes in real estate prices. The housing group Redfin also reported the number of homes sold had decreased by 23% year-on-year in July.
    Referring to mortgage interest rates potentially topping out at 7%, Curro said: "7% feels about right."

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    Three maps that explain Russia’s annexations and losses in Ukraine

    Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Friday Moscow’s annexation of four regions of Ukraine. The move, a violation of international law, was widely condemned by Western nations and followed staged referendums in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia — areas that constitute about 15 percent of Ukraine’s territory.

    Here’s how Moscow’s annexations and losses have changed the map of Ukraine:

    1. Before Russia’s invasion
    2. After Putin’s illegal annexation
    3. The current state of the war


    While the madman in Moscow invaded a sovereign nation, has slaughtered tens-of- thousands of innocent lives, destroyed cities and infrastructure, previously expressed his country's willingness to use nuclear weapons if provoked, prompting concern that any military escalation—including the implementation of a no-fly zone, as was suggested at the start of the war—could lead to possible retribution by Russian forces.

    Ukraine formally applied to join NATO as a military partner on Friday, coinciding with Putin's announcement that Russia would be formally annexing four occupied regions within Ukraine's borders. If accepted, NATO-aligned forces would formally be drawn into the war, pitting forces in the West against the Russian military and, potentially, escalating the conflict.

    Though President Joe Biden reportedly told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that the country's membership in the alliance was in its own hands prior to the conflict, despite spending over 80 billion in weapons in fighting a proxy war, declaring recently the referendum to annex Ukraine a ‘sham’ and repeatedly declaring the U.S will never recognize Russia’s claims on Ukraine’s sovereign country, the U.S. has again rebuffed Ukraine’s attempt to join NATO.

    U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan says Ukrainian efforts to join NATO should be taken up "at a different time," throwing cold water on the country's desire to join the international alliance and potentially easing Russian tensions as President Vladimir Putin has again begun accelerating rhetoric of potential nuclear war.

    Suspected of blowing up Nord Stream I & 2 gas lines, conscripting 300,000 troops, the monster continues to hold the world at bay and continue its suffering. A war some experts are predicting could take years to end.

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    On the brink of nuclear war

    On the brink of nuclear war and the Democrats and ‘woke’ are still fixated on Roe, gender, and pronouns. Wake up America, this is serious ****!

    Russian strike kills 23 as Kremlin to annex Ukraine regions

    Putin’s land-grab and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s signing of what he said is an “accelerated” NATO membership application sent the two leaders speeding faster on a collision course that is cranking up fears of a full-blown conflict between Russia and the West.

    Putin vowed to protect newly annexed regions of Ukraine by “all available means," a renewed nuclear-backed threat he made at a Kremlin signing ceremony where he also railed furiously against the West, accusing the United States and its allies of seeking Russia's destruction.

    Zelenskyy then held his own signing ceremony in Kyiv, releasing video of him putting pen to papers he said were a formal NATO membership request.
    Putin has repeatedly made clear that any prospect of Ukraine joining the military alliance is one of his red lines and cited it as a justification for his invasion, now in its eighth month, in Europe's biggest land war since World War II.

    U.S. President Joe Biden said of Putin's annexation of the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions: “Make no mistake: These actions have no legitimacy.” “America and its allies are not going to be intimidated by Putin and his reckless words and threats,” Biden added, noting that the Russian leader “can’t seize his neighbor’s territory and get away with it.”

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    No excuse not to buy an EV in New York

    If everything goes according to plan, the sale of all gas-powered cars will be banned in New York by 2035. The announcement, made by Governor Kathy Hochul earlier this week, says the state wants 35% of new cars to be zero-emission by 2026 and 60% by 2030. All new school buses must also be zero emissions by 2035. A public hearing will be held before the rules are implemented.

    New York Bans Sale of Gas-Powered Cars

    As a result, the coastal region essentially paves the way for any emissions rules implemented by individual states. Banning gas-powered cars is a critical step for New York as it strives to reduce greenhouse gases by 85% in the next three decades. During the announcement, the governor also unveiled a $10 million Drive Clean Rebate Program that gives residents a $2,000 rebate toward the purchase of over 60 EVs and plug-in hybrids, Engadget reports.

    That's in addition to the $7,500 federal tax rebate. So people will no longer have any excuses. To date, the state has spent $92 million on the program. "New York is a national climate leader and an economic powerhouse," Hochul said in the statement announcing the news. She added that the state is using its strength to help spur innovation and implementation of zero-emission vehicles on a grand scale.

    Along with the ban on gas-powered cars, there will also be a set of pollution standards for passenger cars, light-duty trucks, and medium-duty vehicles with gas combustion engines for the model year 2026 through 2034. The state also announced the installation of its 100th fast charger as part of the EVolve charging network.

    Hochul explained that any battery-powered electric vehicle can charge at these stations in as little as 20 minutes. With the expansion of widely available charging infrastructure, the Governor believes that sales of EVs will increase, noting that sales have already risen by 30% in 2021. This indicates that residents will probably be happy with the ban on gas-powered cars


    Pretty aggressive plan by Governor Hochul for a state that sees a lot of cold and little sun in the winter. Can’t wait to hear how EV owners made out with the grid down in the states affected by Hurricane Ian. How those car batteries fared in the water.

    35% of new cars to be zero-emission by 2026 and 60% by 2030. 100% by 2035. Why not? We can afford them now with all the rebates available. Right? That money tree just keeps providing all that free stuff.

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    Biden or Trump, we are so screwed!

    Does Donald Trump realize he’s now just the Democrats’ stooge? Democrats’ best hope in the runup to Nov. 8 is that Trump will keep stepping in to make himself the center of attention, on subjects that are inevitably all about him — not the nation’s many needs."

    With President Joe Biden and the Democratic Congress presiding over a steady stream of disasters from still-soaring inflation, crime, Biden’s questionable faculties and a metastasizing illegal-migrant crisis, they’re beyond eager to have the nation talking about . . . Donald Trump.

    Never mind that gas prices are rising again, that the stock market has tanked along with 401-k investments, rents are up 30%, 20% of Americans are falling behind on paying their energy bills, 76% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, 66% of Americans are living day-to-day, the Democrats, liberal media, and woke crowd are focusing on the following strategy:

    New York Times

    The strategy is built around the hope that in the handful of close races that will determine control of the House, the demise of federal abortion rights has energized independent voters and conservative-leaning women so intensely that it could allow otherwise vulnerable Democrats to eke out victories that previously seemed out of reach.

    “You're talking about taking away someone's personal rights.” * Whether that issue alone can turn the tide for Democrats remains to be seen.

    They have toiled to find ways to remind voters about the major climate, health and tax measure enacted in August over unified Republican opposition, which included a popular measure to lower the cost of prescription drugs.


    *You're talking about taking away someone's personal rights.” Do you mean like government mandated vaccines, Green Energy transition and mandates, free speech threats and intimidation?

    Long before our president began communing with the dead at White House events, it was obvious Joe Biden was past his prime.

    He is again declaring his intent to run in 2024. The pandemic spared Biden the need to go out on the campaign trail. During the 2020 primary campaign, no matter what time of day you saw Biden talk, he looked tired and sounded tentative. His condition would have been a lot clearer to everyone if he'd had to spend a year chasing voters through every state fair in the country instead of campaigning largely from lockdown.

    At the White House event on Wednesday Biden called out to congressperson Jackie Walorski. "Jackie, are you here? Where's Jackie?" Biden said. Walorski was not in attendance, having died in a car crash in August.

    Biden's people can usually explain these moments. Biden was a gaffe machine in his prime, including once exhorting a paraplegic state senator to "Stand up … let them see you." Many of his misstatements — such as accidentally suggesting he has cancer can be written off to "Joe being Joe." His poor debate performances in 2020 could be attributed to a childhood stutter.

    Is Biden physically strong enough, and mentally acute enough to run a winning campaign, in person? If not, are voters willing to vote for him anyway because of their hate for Trump? Neither should run in 2024, much less become their party’s nominee!

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    U.S. national debt tops $31 trillion, who cares, right?

    When we have a nation in the midst of a worsening economy, people clamoring for free ****, surging crime, on the brink of nuclear war (a missing Russian submarine and moving train bearing nuclear weapons), who has time to worry about a burgeoning deficit resulting from reckless spending – without oversight as to use. Uncle Joe is saying all is well. All we have to do is shake that money tree a little more.

    The following is an alarming report on the deficit – who is owed the money to and the responsibility to the American family.

    US national debt now tops $31 trillion for the first time ever — here's who the country owes

    The gross national debt in America has hit new heights, surpassing $31 trillion, according to a U.S. treasury report released this week. If you find that hard to wrap your head around, it basically boils down to more than $93,000 of debt for every person in the country, according to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

    And with the dramatic rise in interest rates over the past few months — the Fed funds rate is currently between 3% and 3.35% — the national debt will be growing at a rate that makes it even harder to ignore. Several large bills with hefty price tags have been approved since the start of the pandemic, including the American Rescue Plan Act, which cost $1.9 trillion, and $750 billion for student debt relief, all adding to the deficit, which then adds to the debt.

    And though the Inflation Reduction Act, which was passed in August, is expected to reduce the deficit by $240 billion, policies and programs brought in by the Biden Administration are expected to add trillions more over the next decade. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimates that $4.8 trillion will be added to the deficit by 2031.

    So, who owns America’s national debt?

    There are different kinds of national debt. Think about it like having a credit card, a mortgage, and a car payment — all debt, but different. The U.S. Department of the Treasury manages the national debt, which is split between what one government agency owes to another and debts that are held by the public.
    Intragovernmental debt accounts for about $6.5 trillion of the debt.

    The much bigger piece of the debt is held by the public. Right now, that’s about $24 trillion.
    Foreign governments as well as banks and private investors, state and local governments and the Federal Reserve own most of this debt, and it’s held in Treasury securities, bills, and bonds.

    Foreign governments and private investors are one of the biggest holders of the public debt, owning around $7.7 trillion. Domestically, the Federal Reserve holds the largest share of the public debt, at about 40%.

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    “Nobody f---- with a Biden.”

    Caught on a ‘hot mic’, Biden made the remark while chatting with Fort Myers Mayor Ray Murphy during a storm-related trip this week, to survey Hurricane Ian's damage.

    Apparently OPEC, Saudi Arabia, and a host of other nations didn’t get the message. At a time where our Strategic Petroleum Reserve has been used to offset need and is at its lowest level in decades, expect gas prices to increase again. The ‘gaffer’ is in trouble again. Crisis after crises and he remains in denial amd/or clueless as to solution.

    OPEC Move Shows the Limits of Biden’s Fist-Bump Diplomacy with the Saudis

    OPEC’s decision to curb oil production was a signal that President Biden’s influence over his Gulf allies was far less than he had hoped. The move by OPEC on Wednesday to reduce oil production sharply undercuts President Biden’s effort to avoid an increase in gas prices ahead of the midterm elections, while setting back his push to constrain the oil revenue Russia is using to pay for its war in Ukraine.

    It also exposes the failure of his fist-bump diplomacy over the summer with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

    In both optics and substance, the move by OPEC and its allied oil producers underscored the challenges the United States faces in managing its foreign and economic policy at a time when the global economy is at risk of recession, and energy politics has emerged as a key component of the conflict in Ukraine.

    For days, the White House sought to prevent the cut of two million barrels a day. It called on some of its closest Arab allies — starting with Saudi Arabia, where Mr. Biden visited in July, and met with the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, over the objections of human rights organizations and even some of his own advisers.

    The quiet understanding emerging from the trip was that Saudi Arabia would increase its production by about 750,000 barrels a day, and that the United Arab Emirates would follow suit with an additional 500,000, pushing down gas prices and worsening President Vladimir V. Putin’s ability to fund a war that was stretching much longer — and with much higher casualties — than Mr. Biden had expected.

    The production cut announced Wednesday will reduce global daily production by about 2 percent, though some of that is a phantom reduction because the group’s members were already underproducing from their own goals. But its effect on prices may be greater, upward of 15 to 30 cents a gallon at the pump, experts estimated.

    And for Mr. Biden, with midterm elections only a month away, the timing could not be worse.

    But beyond the inflationary and political effect, the decision shatters any sense that the Arab allies were signed up to the cause of making Russia, also a member of the OPEC Plus group that met in Vienna, pay a price.

    That should not have been a surprise. Iran is a member of the group, and it has grown closer to Russia in recent months, even selling it drones to prosecute the war in Ukraine.

    The degree of anger and surprise at the White House was obvious: On Tuesday the press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, told reporters “we’re not considering new releases” from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve beyond what Mr. Biden had announced previously. On Wednesday morning, not 24 hours later, with the OPEC cut looming, a White House statement said, “the president will continue to direct” new releases from the petroleum reserve “as appropriate to protect American consumers and promote energy security.”

    “It’s clear that OPEC Plus is aligning with Russia with today’s announcement,” Ms. Jean-Pierre said Wednesday.

    Prince Mohammed has deliberately distanced himself from Washington, cultivating broader international relationships, notably with China and Russia. He has also made it clear that he does not view Saudi Arabia as a junior partner to the United States and that he is willing to shrug off any demands that he considers contrary to Saudi interests.

    Saudi Arabia has not criticized Russia’s invasion. And efforts by European countries to cut off Russian oil and gas to suck funds from Mr. Putin’s war machine have sent much of that oil to Asia, while the Europeans pursue other markets.

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    Nuclear war: Worst case scenario
    Nuclear weapons in modern arsenals and their catastrophic effects

    Putin’s constant threat to use nuclear weapons, a Russian nuclear sub disappears detection, a Russian nuclear train on the move, Ukraine President Zelenskyy requests NATO deliver nuclear first strike, Ukraine ruling elite openly declare the war is being fought not for peace, not for freedom, but for the "New World Order," and its definition of freedom.

    Today, a very scary Zelenskyy's demanded that NATO launch a pre-emptive, nuclear strike against Russia. If that demand is fulfilled, it is estimated that within two years of the catastrophe, the United States will lose 97% of its population and Russia 98% of its population.

    Worldwide total deaths for that exact same period may be over 5 billion people.

    As the world is suffering untold economic and energy hardship ss the "New World Order" truly a worthy cause to end civilization as we know it? When the world is praying for peace and a return to normalcy, the people have become nothing more than political pawns on the world stage!

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    Absent key issues to run on Democrats resort to personal attacks

    Hoping to be victorious in the November elections Democrats are banking on the Roe decision, Green Energy, soul of democracy, free stuff, and demonizing its opposition. The ‘Your either with us or against us,’ mentality has further alienated a large number of Americans especially when followed up with charges of racist, fascist, Nazi, etc.

    Besides Biden policies that have created run-away inflation, surging crime, a drug problem killing an estimated 100,000 Americans, morass, and mental health issues, where 66% of Americans report living day-to-day and 20% are behind paying energy bills, the following reports further define Biden’s inept administration.


    Biden did these 3 things to reignite the red wave:

    Stopped energy independence
    Sided with Iran over Saudi Arabia
    Was pathetic at his meeting with the Saudi Prince

    Border crisis spiraling out of control

    New York Mayor Adams declares a national emergency because of receiving 13,000 emigrees shipped into his city – 2.3 million apprehended at the border, another 800,000 estimated getaways.

    Ukraine – Nuclear War

    Biden openly states, ‘Putin is not kidding in using nukes.’ The White House quickly walked back the statement declaring that it has no ‘intelligence’ to affirm that statement. He is admonished by many, including allies for scaring the people.

    The people should be extremely concerned considering Putin has been making the threat for months, has his back to the wall in Ukraine, and is further embarrassed by the explosion on the 12-mile Crimea bridge that killed three.

    Change of course needed

    At this stage in the war, virtually all of this pablum is asinine and counterproductive to the actual U.S. national interest in these contested areas. Our national interest in the Ukrainian theater is not coterminous with Zelensky's absolutist stance; our interest is for de-escalation, detente, and peace. But if we want to achieve those ends—especially as the threat of nuclear warfare is bursting out into the open, many in the West recklessly double down on calls for Ukraine's ascension to NATO, and the war-hungry Zelensky is himself calling for a NATO-led "preemptive strike" against Russia—Biden needs to recognize reality and change strategic course immediately.

    Nuclear War 'Already a Given' Says Russian TV: 'Everyone Will Be Destroyed'

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