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Thread: Had enough yet

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    Professional protester agitators on campus? I’m shocked – NOT!!

    Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Chowaniec View Post
    Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it!
    Be careful not to get whiplash, eh?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Chowaniec View Post

    While we are watching all this horror and devastation in real time, we are being bombarded with BS...useless historical analogies...
    LMAO: "In speaking to an individual in the town involved with Waste Management, fortunately missed pickup complaints are rare."

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    Bidenomics: Trust or a bust.

    Where does one go today to get the truth? At no time in American history has Washington, the media, or any political body been considered less trustworthy or principled. The media left has suffered in staff reductions and finances attempting to defend the defenseless.

    Not only were they told to stop using the term Bidenomics in a favorable way, but Democratic strategists were also advising their own cohorts to knock it off. The economy is not doing great and Biden’s economic policies resulting in lavish, unsustainable spending programs that have not only led to record breaking national debt / personal debt levels but are being realized in trickle-down programs and services that are adversely impacting the general population.

    Taxes are rising across New York.

    23% of state municipalities and 21% of WNY municipalities have voted to override the tax cap citing inflation and inability to deal with unions as main reasons,

    Sales Tax Shortfall

    For the first time in a long time, Erie County may be facing a budget deficit because of a shortfall in sales tax revenue. Sales tax accounts for more than a quarter of all revenue received by the county. Due to a slowdown in consumer spending that started late last year and a county sales tax holiday on home heating fuels over the winter, the county currently anticipates a sales tax revenue shortfall of $22 million, Budget Director Mark Cornell said.

    The county’s current fiscal predicament is not new, but it is unusual. More than a decade has passed since the last time the county overestimated sales tax revenue and found itself facing a budget gap as a result, based on prior budget reports reviewed by The Buffalo News. County officials overestimated sales tax revenue because the county was enjoying sales tax growth of 4.6% last year when the budget office prepared its proposed budget for this year, Cornell said. But by the end of last year, sales tax had diminished to 2.5% growth. So much for the ‘hot spending growth.’

    Continuing Inflation Impacts

    Cost of living, high interest rates, unaffordable housing, service fees, mandated green energy transition costs that will overburden many American homes.

    Not a fan of the repugnant Trump, I find it absurd when the Democrats claim Trump will destroy America’s democracy and free speech. Biden has done a masterful job of destroying America in three short years. He is just warming up. Imagine where America will be in another 5 years should he be elected.

    Had the Republicans just about endorsed anyone else but the buffoon Trump for 2024, they could have expected to tap dance backward into the oval offices.

    Surprised by what is taking place in America today? You shouldn’t be, you have been warned over the last 75 years.

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    Stressed about inflation, the economy, green energy transition costs?

    Stressed about inflation, the economy, green energy transition costs, or is it just me?

    The Biden administration and its economic gurus assure us inflation is calming, the economy is better that it was three years ago, the job market is great, the government is spending like it had the money to do so, yet I am one of many who is not experiencing the euphoria. We can’t help but believe our government is gaslighting us when the cost of food, energy, housing, taxes, interest rates, etc., are all increasing to the point of significantly adversely affecting our quality of life and mental wellbeing.

    Does our government really think that we are that stupid that we are oblivious to the gaslighting taking place? No greater existential threat to mankind’s safety, wellbeing, and today’s existence is exemplified by the government’s disingenuous transition plan to eliminate fossil fuels in their entirety, without regard to impact to mankind, environment, or financial burden.

    Saving the planet by transitioning from polluting fossil fuels to carbon-free sustainable energy sources like solar, wind, and EV’s replacing ICE engines is admirable, but impracticable in the way the Biden administration is undertaking it. Solar and wind impacts on the environment and their waste removal have been extensively reviewed. To truly get to 100% solar or wind electricity throughout the country, the United States cannot rely on the normal electric grid as backup. Therefore, a proper storage system is needed to stop relying so much on oil and coal. Currently, the U.S. has only seven minutes of battery storage for renewable energy. That isn’t enough. Ideally, the country should have about three months of storage.

    Despite the government’s propaganda that EV production is ramping up and everyone will be buying and driving one by 2035, the opposite is true. Individuals are being put off to the extent that hybrids are now being favored – especially when costs to the pocketbook and the environment are considered.

    Electric cars are not as green as you think as the impact on the environment to mine the rare-earth materials is extreme. Although advances in technology will take place there will always be the concerns of:

    Environmental impact of battery production. The production of lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles can have significant environmental impacts, including carbon emissions and resource depletion. The extraction and processing of raw materials such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel can contribute to habitat destruction, water pollution, and deforestation in regions where these resources are mined. Additionally, the manufacturing process for batteries requires energy-intensive processes, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.

    Resource depletion. The extraction of minerals such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel for battery production can lead to resource depletion and environmental degradation in regions where these resources are mined. Large-scale mining operations can result in habitat destruction, soil erosion, water contamination, and loss of biodiversity, impacting local ecosystems and communities. Furthermore, the demand for these minerals is expected to increase significantly with the growing adoption of electric vehicles, raising concerns about the long-term sustainability of their extraction and supply chains. Sustainable mining practices, recycling initiatives, and research into alternative materials are essential to mitigate the environmental impacts of resource depletion associated with electric vehicle production.

    Energy source. The environmental benefits of electric vehicles depend on the source of electricity used for charging, which may come from fossil fuels in regions with coal or natural gas power plants. While electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions during operation, the upstream emissions associated with electricity generation can vary depending on the mix of renewable and non-renewable energy sources in each region. In areas with a high proportion of fossil fuel-based electricity generation, the environmental benefits of electric vehicles may be reduced compared to regions with cleaner energy sources.

    Recycling / Disposal. The recycling and disposal of electric vehicle batteries presents unique challenges and environmental concerns. Lithium-ion batteries contain toxic materials such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel, which can pose risks to human health and the environment if not responsibly managed. Additionally, the recycling process for lithium-ion batteries is complex and energy-intensive, requiring specialized facilities and technologies to extract valuable materials for reuse. Improper disposal of electric vehicle batteries can lead to contamination of soil, water, and air, further exacerbating environmental impacts.

    Limited resale value. Electric vehicles are proving to have lower resale values compared to gasoline-powered cars, resulting in higher total ownership costs over the vehicle’s lifetime.

    Range anxiety

    Long charging times. Even fast-charging stations can take upwards of 30 minutes to provide a significant boost in range, posing challenges for drivers on long trips or tight schedules.

    Charging infrastructure. - even fast-charging stations can take upwards of 30 minutes to provide a significant boost in range, posing challenges for drivers on long trips or tight schedules. Additionally, the reliability of charging stations can vary, with some experiencing downtime or maintenance issues, further complicating the charging experience.

    Expensive upfront costs - Electric vehicles often come with a higher purchase price compared to traditional gasoline-powered cars. While the cost of electric vehicles has been decreasing in recent years due to advancements in technology and economies of scale, they may still be out of reach for some buyers, especially those on a tight budget. Additionally, the higher upfront cost of electric vehicles may not be offset by long-term savings on fuel and maintenance for some consumers.

    Battery degradation. Replacing a worn-out battery can be a costly endeavor, often exceeding the value of the vehicle itself, adding to the long-term cost of ownership.

    Electric grid strain. The widespread adoption of electric vehicles has the potential to strain existing electrical grids, particularly during peak charging times when demand for electricity is highest. Research suggests that without proper planning and infrastructure upgrades, increased electricity consumption from EV charging could lead to grid instability, power outages, and increased costs for consumers.

    Pollution from tires and brakes.

    Cold weather inefficiency. EV’s lose 20-40% of their range in freezing weather.

    Uncertainty about future technology. Rapid advancements in battery technology and electric vehicle design may lead to concerns about obsolescence and depreciation for early adopters. While current electric vehicle models offer significant improvements in range, performance, and affordability compared to earlier generations, future advancements in technology could quickly render older models obsolete. This uncertainty about future technology can make it difficult for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions and may lead to hesitancy about investing in electric vehicles.

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    Biden: Wrong on so many things losing support.

    Wrong on so many national and foreign policies, distrustful, and willing to endanger the public’s safety and best interests for his own agenda and votes, his own party, media cohorts and the public is turning on old Joe. The people of Chicago, a Democratic Party bastion are telling Joe to stay home.

    Joe Biden betrays allies as he has recently done with Israel. Hamas announced with great fanfare that it had accepted a ceasefire proposal. There were celebrations in Gaza, and the White House said it was “reviewing” the deal. Except: The Israelis knew nothing about it. The supposed agreement wasn’t even on the table. Hamas had changed the terms of a previous treaty to one more favorable to the terror group. To take just one horrific alteration: Rather than turn over hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners, Hamas would surrender dead bodies of the hostages it had killed.

    The Biden administration’ environmental agenda is pushing for drastic environmental regulations that will devastate the fossil fuel industry, even though this will not lead to cleaner air or a cooler climate. These regulations will instead destroy an essential source of affordable American energy, exacerbating inflation and financial suffering for those who can least afford it. Ironically, this crusade will also make Biden’s electric vehicle goals unattainable. The US has reduced air pollution by 78% over the last five decades while population, economy, energy consumption, and vehicle use have increased. America leads the world in clean air, and policymakers should prioritize verifiable health and safety over reducing pollution to zero.

    While Biden is hell-bent on sustainable energy and setting regulations that will end fossil fuel processes that will endanger America lives, the public is pushing back on purchasing EV’s for myriad reasons. Primarily, renewables can’t provide reliable power around the clock to fill the gap. hey, are cheaper to run. They can be simpler to manufacture. And of course, they are far better for the environment, playing a crucial role in hitting our targets to cut carbon emissions.

    Rewind only a couple of years, and electric cars were the future. Yet this week, it has emerged that Ford will have to dramatically limit the supply of petrol cars to avoid paying huge fines for not selling enough of them. The fear must now be that the electric car carnage has only just begun – with Net Zero turning into a sledgehammer for the deindustrialization of the West, and China the only clear winner.

    As with so much of the legislation passed during the last five years, setting a quota for the percentage of EVs companies had to sell probably seemed like a good idea at the time. Manufacturers now must ensure that 22pc of the cars they shift off the forecourt are battery powered, rising steadily to 80pc by the end of this decade, and 100pc by 2035. If they don’t hit their quota, there will be penalties.

    The trouble is, quotas don’t work especially when EVs have some serious problems: the range is not good enough, we have not built enough charging points to power them, the repair bills are expensive, the insurance ruinous, and secondhand prices are plummeting. Once all raw materials and transport costs are factored in, they may not be much better for the environment.

    The American public is not buying what the government is selling. Yet, the public voiced not wanting to see Biden running for re-election and the Democratic Party told them to ‘pound sand.’

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    What is truth?

    You will know it when you hear / read it, right? Think again!

    It is near impossible to trust any institution, media outlet, political operative, etc. in today’s world. It is equally impossible to understand why so many go out of their way to cover up the lie believing the public is too often too stupid to pick up on the falsehood. All politicians lie. Trump abused the privilege and was called out on it every time.

    Truck-driving, 60’s social activist, done everything Biden manages to gaffe, lie, fantasize, whatever, and get away with: ‘Ah, that’s just, Joe,’ slap on the wrist. Well, Joe did get fact-checked and called out by the New York Post.

    Biden tells a lie a minute during CNN interview.

    The White House rarely allows President Biden to sit down for interviews, and Wednesday’s chat with CNN’s Erin Burnett shows why.
    In a brief 17 minutes, Biden told 15 lies — nearly a lie a minute.

    From whoppers about the economy to prevarications in Israel, Biden spun a fantasyland of a presidency that voters know is false.

    Here’s a rundown:

    LIE 1: “I’ve created over 15 million jobs since I’ve been president.”
    LIE 2: “Other than Herbert Hoover, [Donald Trump] is the only president who has lost more jobs than he created.”
    LIE 3: “Look at what he says he’s going to do if he gets elected. Says he’s going to do away with what I’ve done on Medicare, reducing the price of Medicare.”
    LIE 4: “You know we have 1,000 billionaires in America. Know what their average federal tax is? 8.3%.”
    LIE 5: “We’ve already turned it around [on the economy].”
    LIE 6: “The polling data has been wrong all along.”
    LIE 7: “There’s corporate greed going out there. And it’s got to be dealt with.”
    LIE 8: “Inflation was 9% when I came to office.”
    LIE 9: “They have the money to spend. It angers them and angers me that they have to spend more.”
    LIE 10: “Civilians have been killed in Gaza as a consequence of those bombs, and other ways in which they go after population centers.”
    LIE 11: “We’re not walking away from Israel’s security. We’re walking away from Israel’s ability to wage war in those areas.”
    LIE 12: “It made no sense in my view to engage in thinking in Iraq they have a nuclear weapon.”
    LIE 13: “You can’t only love your country when you win.”
    LIE 14: “I travel around the world, other world leaders, know what they all say, 80% of them, ‘You gotta win. My democracy is at stake.’”
    LIE 15: “Then [Trump] is going to put in a 10% tax that’s going to increase average Americans’ cost $1,500 a year.”

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    Senator Manchin speaking on 2024 presidential election

    Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin told Fox News former President Trump can win in November and said the Republican Party needs to be made "grand again" while the Democratic Party must be made "responsible again."

    "They don't want the government jumping on your back, telling you what to do and making it harder for you. They believe in freedom and democracy," he said. "They believe in all of that. They believe in giving a helping hand, but they believe you ought to get off your butt and do something sometimes."

    The lawmaker, who rejected the idea of being a "Washington Democrat," expressed concern about the direction of both political parties. "The parties have gone so extreme, and somehow we've got to bring the Grand Old Party — make it grand again — and make the Democrat Party responsible again," he said. "I think they both lost their ways, and they're just listening to their own chatter here in Washington, but none of this makes sense. We don't live our lives like this."

    "I've told the president, I said, 'You've got to be careful,'" he said. "A lot of these bills and a lot of the direction, the executive orders, people that came from the generation that I've come from and that you've come from is basically John Kennedy asking not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. We continue down this path, and people are starting to ask, ‘How much more can my country do for me?’ That's not who we are. It's not how we have the country we do, and it's not what I'm willing to sit back and watch it be taken away. So, I'm going to be fighting for basically how much more can I do for my country, and I appreciate what my country has done for me."

    The senator also weighed in on the country's response to the Israel-Hamas war and "misinformation" that is leading people to declare their "allegiance and support for a terrorist organization like Hamas." Manchin also said he had an encounter with Cindy McCain, widow of the late Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and that she told him last week she had 30 trucks "full of food" that were "hijacked."
    "… she says, 'I had 30 trucks full of food — 30 trailer trucks that were hijacked by Hamas. Their own people — they wouldn't let them feed their own people.'"

    Sadly (IMHO), Senator Manchin announced in November that he will not seek re-election.

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    US students lead the way.

    An interesting opinion piece by a British media outlet. While Americans are empathetic to the plight of the Palestinian people in Gaza, they may take umbrage to the perception that the protests were peaceful and too supported Hamas and calling for the extermination of the Jews. Supporting terrorists who use men, women, and children as shields to protect themselves is abhorrent.

    For Biden to have warned Netanyahu as early as February that he would not supply it with arms if it chose to attack Rafah to finish off Hamas, to keep it a secret from the American people, and for Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday During a pair of TV interviews, said the United States wants Israeli forces to "get out of Gaza" is appalling.

    US students, once again, have led the way. Now we must all stand up for Palestinians.

    The student left is the most reliably correct constituency in America. Over the past 60 years, it has passed every great moral test American foreign policy has forced upon the public, including the Vietnam war, the question of relations with apartheid South Africa, and the Iraq war. Student activists were at the heart of the Black civil rights movement from the very beginning. Too much derision and abuse, they pushed for more rights, protections and respect for women and queer people on their campuses than the wider world was long willing to provide. And over the past 20 years in particular, policymakers have belatedly arrived at stances on economic inequality, climate change, drug policy and criminal justice that putative radicals on campus took up long before them.

    They have not always been right; even when right, their prescriptions for the problems they’ve identified and their means of directing attention to them have not always been prudent. But time and repeatedly, the student left in America has squarely faced and expressed truths our politicians and all the eminent and eloquent voices of moderation in the press, in all of their supposed wisdom and good sense, have been unable or unwilling to see. Straining against an ancient and immortal prejudice against youth, it has made a habit of telling the American people, in tones that discomfit, what they need to hear before they are ready to hear it.

    There have been real instances of antisemitism on campuses since the protests began; here and there we’ve seen real instances of malevolence and idiocy. But to believe, on the basis of anecdata, that hatred and ignorance have motivated the vast majority of students who’ve set up encampments and other pro-Palestinian protests over the last month ⁠– in their many thousands at well over 100 colleges and universities in all but four states ⁠– is to believe what can only be described as an extraordinary propaganda campaign, one pushed by critics in the press and in office who can’t seem to agree on what the protesters are like. These students, we’ve been told, are both popular and unpopular among their peers. They are both ugly and chic. They are fragile and cold-blooded, pathetically soft, and remarkably violent. They hate Jews. They are Jews who hate themselves. They’ve exercised both too little message discipline and too much caution with the press at demonstrations that are both laughably chaotic and suspiciously organized. And whoever they are and whatever’s spurred them into action, the students are, clearly, in need of either a good sock to the mouth or a good lay ⁠– the better to focus their attention away from politics and on their studies, on political matters close to home rather than halfway across the world, or political matters halfway across the world more deserving of their attention, like the plight of the suffering in China, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Iran or Azerbaijan.


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    Threat to our democracy

    Everyone has a right to an opinion. Too often that opinion is based not on facts but on misinformation / disinformation and not making any effort to listen to other opinions because of party loyalty. Americans should be embarrassed by what is taking place in this election and what has become of this country.

    Joe Biden has not only stooped to Trump’s level, but he has also bypassed it and become equally, if not more hated. The mockery and child-like display put on by both sides of the political isle was appalling and embarrassing. A lifelong non-affiliated registered voter, a fan of neither Biden nor Trump, I have never been maliciously mislabeled / mischaracterized / demeaned by Trump and the radical left Democrats and their left-wing media lackey’s.

    It was interesting and revealing listening to Ms. Pelosi taken to task for her elitist comments.

    'Truly evil': Internet slams Nancy Pelosi as Winston Marshall challenges her views on populism and democracy

    Rep Nancy Pelosi's assertion that populism is 'a threat to democracy' was brutally refuted by former Mumford & Sons banjoist Winston Marshall, who said that the real threat to democracy was an elite governing class that looked down on rather than worked for the people.

    Notably, during her speech at Oxford Union in late April, Pelosi said that 'populism' was the same as 'ethno-nationalism' and 'isolationism' and that those labeled as 'populists' exploited the populace after they attained positions of authority.

    She continued by saying that certain Americans, who she described as 'poor souls who are looking for some answers', were unable to accept the Democratic Party's solutions because they believed that 'guns, gays, [and] God' were more important than reality.

    After she was done speaking, Marshall gave his analysis of the matter. He started by outlining how Democrats had gradually distorted the definition of 'populism', turning it from a positive term when it was used to describe former President Barack Obama to a negative one when it was used to describe Donald Trump.

    We have met the enemy, and he is us!

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    How low can we go?

    A destabilizing economy negatively impacting 70% of American families, inflation outpacing wage increases, high interest rates impacting the housing market and credit card holders, unsustainable personal and national debt, threat of world war, an illegal immigration crisis and our Washington geniuses continue to demonstrate how totally inept and dysfunctional they are. Acting in our best interests? Not by a long shot. Trump’s trial and the House’s antics should be embarrassing to all Americans.

    Scary when Fetterman appears to be the adult in the room.

    AOC rips Fetterman for comparing House to 'Jerry Springer' show: 'I stand up to bullies'

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    Why are Americans spending so much?

    Because they have to!

    The economy is booming, unemployment is low, Americans continue to spend, yet “Never Biden” voters now appear to loom even larger than the “Never Trump” voters. Americans pessimistic about the economy are willing to open their wallets. Americans just keep buying more, even accounting for price increases and beyond growth with their disposable stimulus income. Their spending helped drive US economic growth in 2023 and remained high in the first months of this year. In March, consumer spending increased by 0.8 percent, exceeding expectations from financial analysts.

    There is a sign that Americans’ shopping spree might be finally coming to an end: Retail spending stayed the same in April as compared to the previous month, falling short of analyst projections for growth. People feel really negatively about the economy, but that’s not stopping them from spending. In May, the University of Michigan recorded its lowest consumer sentiment reading in six months — an index of 67.4 out of 100 — as part of its long-running survey.

    They are spending more because inflation and the high cost of living is not abating and burdening much of the middle class as well as the low income and fixed income sector. That’s up from this time last year, but still well below pre-pandemic consumer sentiment readings, which hovered in the upper 80s and 90s.

    The rich currently feel rich and account for a large share of overall spending. High-income consumers — households in the top 20 percent of income earning at least $244,025 before taxes as of 2022 — have been largely cushioned from economic headwinds and are flush with cash to spend.

    The middle class feels a little better off too, and still has some savings built up they can burn through. They might not yet have felt the pressure of high interest rates and inflation to the same degree as people who rent and have fewer investments. (But that’s due to change.) In April 2020 many households received stimulus checks That has helped fuel spending, but unlike in other high-income countries where consumers have proved more thrifty, Americans are close to depleting those savings.

    Despite Biden telling us we have bever had it better, Americans are forced into spending more for food energy, housing, clothing / footwear, recreation services, credit card debt, insurance, and health care. Forced to cut back on food services, recreational services, and motor vehicles.

    According to two new reports, Biden has gone around Congress to issue a record number of costly regulations in part out of concern that he might not win reelection and wants to cement in his agenda. “In April 2024, federal agencies broke records by publishing 66 significant final rules,” said a report from George Washington University’s Regulatory Studies Center. “This number is higher than any previous month during the Biden administration and is nearly five times the average of the preceding 38 months,” said the report.

    Biden would and has vetoed resolutions to revoke a number of his rules, but a new administration and Congress could in 2025 revoke rules he fails to finalize early enough this year.” He added, “The Biden administration’s strategic approach takes no chances, aiming to safeguard its transformative rules from potential reversal. That is why we see a surge in fat rules in the Federal Register now, before a summer deadline.”

    Biden agreed to debate Trump in June. Even those in his own party signal it is likely he will be replaced by then.

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    Social Security COLA: Another day older, another day deeper in debt

    A new cost of living adjustment (COLA) prediction for Social Security has many seniors scratching their heads at how they'll stretch their benefits amid inflation. The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) just predicted the COLA for 2025, saying beneficiaries can expect a 2.66 percent bump in benefits. Earlier in the year, the estimate was set at 2.6 and 2.4 percent. If a 2.66 percent boost is implemented, it would increase average monthly payments by around $50 for most recipients.

    While the jump in monthly benefits would be better than the earlier predictions, many seniors were expecting a higher boost to deal with the impact of inflation. The Social Security Administration adjusts Social Security payment amounts every year based on the consumer price index, but not everyone feels the change would be enough to get by.

    Seniors will also likely be dealing with higher Medicare Part premiums, according to TSCL. In the Medicare Trustee report from this month, Part B premiums were predicted to grow by $10.30 a month to a total of $185. That increase is on top of nationwide inflation on groceries, housing, and transportation.

    "For 2024, the average Social Security benefit rose by $50 and after subtracting $9.80 to cover Medicare Part B Premium increases, the total change in benefits came out to just $40.20 a month. With the forecast of a 2.66 percent COLA for 2025, seniors will continue to suffer financial insecurity as much next year as they have this year," Shannon Benton, executive director of TSCL, said in a statement.

    "The majority of seniors still feel like their costs are rising faster than those annual adjustments," Michael Ryan, a finance expert and founder/CEO of, told Newsweek. "So while the COLA certainly helps, it often still doesn't fully cover the real inflation draining seniors' buying power." Due to the insufficient funds from Social Security for seniors, many will need additional income streams, including a 401(k), IRA or other investment accounts.

    67 million Social Security recipients
    Average monthly benefit – $1,667; $20,204 annual
    Poverty level in New York State for single person - $20, 340 (2020)
    Minimum wage in New York State - $15 / hr. - $31,200

    7.5 million Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients
    Average monthly SSI benefit - $662

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    Biden or Trump in November? Maybe not!

    The one may be in jail (if Biden has his way), the other responsible for America’s decline (foreign and domestic).

    Presumptive candidates, scheduled to debate twice, will either be on the ballot in November. Biden’s trash talking and lying have made him as detested as Trump. It now appears that half the country hates the other half. A far cry from Biden’s pledge to unite the country.

    A recent poll puts Biden’s favorability rating at 36%. Polls show that President Biden is suffering as Americans take a dim view of the economy under his administration. This dissatisfaction is impacting the political landscape. Biden doesn’t have faith in the polls, but his campaign appears concerned as this unaffiliated registered voter received an email from the Democratic campaign requesting a donation along with the following:

    Donald Trump, in his own words, wants to terminate the Affordable Care Act and rip away health care protections from millions of Americans. We know from experience, there is no other choice but to believe this threat is real.

    He would jeopardize health care protections for over 100 million Americans. And voters deserve to know the truth behind his dangerous agenda. That’s why we launched a TV ad to make clear the stark choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

    Propaganda? Most likely. Like Biden saying that we never had it so good and are better off than when he took office. Despite officials' claims that inflation is cooling, American households are feeling the pinch more than ever. Rising costs for essentials like food, rent, and childcare are squeezing budgets, leaving many struggling to make ends meet. 66% of American families declare living paycheck-to-paycheck. Most of the public, including more minority voters, no longer consider federal handouts an adequate substitute for the real economy, which produces paychecks and a durable personal dignity.

    In the current economy, Americans are increasingly convinced that a middle-class lifestyle, comprising a piece of land and a secure retirement, is out of their grasp, owing to high inflation.

    From the start, when Mr. Biden’s personal liabilities already were apparent, this White House has focused less on touting his leadership than on funneling financial benefits to the re-election base. Team Biden seems to have shifted to Plan D: Make the entire election about “Trump” and MAGA extremism’s threat to democracy. So far, the trillions spent on anti-Trump TV ads haven’t boosted Mr. Biden’s polling.

    This election looks like it’s going to be overwhelmingly about the economy. If so, what is the Biden economic argument against Mr. Trump, other than his repeated delusion that he inherited 9% inflation from the former president?

    Has election politics ever seen spending on such a massive scale for the sole purpose of producing votes? Called by many, Biden’s bribes! The Biden student-loan debt-forgiveness plan totaling $430 billion in write-offs for about 30 million borrowers.

    The Biden team offering younger voters a more potent bribe. On May 16, the Justice Department proposed reclassifying marijuana as a Schedule III drug. Effectively, this means national legalization is coming. The Democrats’ defense of legalization has been that the drug laws got too many young Black men arrested for possession or small sales of marijuana.

    The Inflation Reduction Act committed nearly $400 billion in subsidies and tax credits for renewable-energy projects and electric vehicles. In all, the Biden handouts run to about $1.6 trillion. Many of the green-energy projects—EV sales, charging stations, offshore wind farms—would be dormant absent federal assistance. Politico recently estimated that only 17% of these laws’ $1.1 trillion in direct ‘investment’ has actually been spent.

    Both candidates have embraced high tariffs. Beyond that, Mr. Biden’s pitch on the economy is that unparalleled public spending ensures growth. Mr. Trump’s is that the common goal of his policies will be to liberate the private economy. For most voters, the choice could be as simple as that.

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    Biden replacement: If not now, when?

    June 27th and the debate is but a month away!

    What are the Democrats waiting for? How much longer is the left going to support their stumbling, demented presidential leader when he continues to lose favor with party supporters and his presidential opponent continues to gain their favor – a reviled political figure at that. Putting Trump in jail is their only chance to gain victory.

    America is clearly in decline where voters have had enough. 70% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck, 75% of voters want a change in direction. It is true that most voters did not want to see a Biden-Trump rematch, but Biden is the president and responsible for the mess we are in. And he and his cohorts dare to tell the public that they are too stupid to know how well they have it, they are clown’s, racists, a need to have someone explain to them the importance of open borders and the benefit of foreign workers.

    Democratic strategists and even the media left understand that the public isn’t buying Biden’s policies and understanding his mandates are the real threat to their democracy. Polls are being run to see who the choice would be to replace him.

    According to a Washington Examiner report:

    A new poll finds Vice President Kamala Harris is the favorite of swing state voters to lead the Democratic Party should President Joe Biden drop out of the 2024 presidential election, Harris received 45% of voters' support, the highest of key Democratic figures, including Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg .

    Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) and Buttigieg polled next at 36%, followed by Newsom at 32%, Gov. Wes Moore (D-MD) at 23%, and Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D-IL) at 21%.

    The report comes as voters become increasingly disenchanted with a second Biden term, citing the 81-year-old’s age and frequent memory lapses as a top concern.

    A McLaughlin & Associates survey in February reported that 82% of likely voters found Biden’s “state of health and his mental fitness” to be his biggest “weak point.”

    Harris has ramped up appearances for the Biden campaign, trying to mobilize the Democratic base by molding her platform on what she views as a defining issue of the election: abortion.

    The ‘word salad’ VP still doesn’t get it that inflation, the economy, illegal immigration, public safety, etc. all outweigh abortion in the voters’ minds and concerns. Scary if this is the best the Democrats have to replace Biden,

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    Biden moving further left and losing support.

    This week’s White House Report Card finds President Joe Biden moving further to the left on climate regulation in vowing to ban gas stoves and reaching deeper into the federal treasury to buy votes of deadbeat college students and travelers looking for slightly cheaper gasoline during their summer road trips are being appeased by Biden’s move to tap the Strategic Oil Reserves.

    His team also wobbled on foreign policy, which was supposed to be his forte. In the Israel-Hamas war, there was no change in Gaza. And his government seemed to go out of its way to honor Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi killed in a helicopter crash. He was known as the “Butcher of Tehran” for sponsoring “death commissions” to execute political prisoners. His United Nations ambassador stood for a moment of silence.
    Unlike his promise to divide America, Biden’s domestic and foreign policies are dividing Americans. His lowball thug antics and demagoguery are alienating Americans and favoring Trump’s position.

    The following opinion brings a different perspective and sheds light on what direction each presidential candidate is attempting to take America in. The Revolution is on. Which America do you favor? Which party is actually protecting your democracy, freedom of speech, and safety?

    Trumps Virtues

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