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Thread: Had enough yet

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    Did De Niro scare you?

    Did Robert De Niro scare you today when he advised that a vote for Trump would be not only a threat to our democracy but to the entire world.

    "I don't mean to scare you. No, no, wait — maybe I do mean to scare you," De Niro said. "If Trump returns to the White House, you can kiss these freedoms goodbye that we all take for granted. And elections — forget about it. That's over; that's done. If he gets in, I can tell you right now, he will never leave. He wants to destroy the city (New York), our country, the world!”

    I think De Niro’s a little late, Biden and his domestic and foreign policies has already done that. Biden’s spending on community grants pales in size compared to his student-debt cancellation vote-buying scheme, which now totals $620 billion. But the community grant money lands directly in the hands of political activists who know what to do with it. These community giveaways make a mockery of democracy.

    Biden has just about killed the American Dream. Even with the economy looking up and recession worries dwindling, the cost of living continues to make the American Dream seem like just a fantasy for the majority. Annual Living Wage in New York State: $95,724. After Hawaii and California, no state is as expensive to call home as the Empire State. And while the median salary there is a healthy $62,765, the $32,959 gap from there to a living wage is second only to Hawaii and Oregon. High costs for food energy, housing, childcare, and vehicles challenge many, undermining the perceived economic prosperity.

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    Zip it, De Niro!

    Yesterday New Yorkers listened to Robert De Niro rant about Trump’s threat to our freedoms and free speech. Today this lifetime unaffiliated registered voter received a Biden-Harris campaign email written by De Niro stressing the following:

    Leon, it’s Robert De Niro:

    I still can’t believe Donald Trump got elected president. Four years of sucking up to tyrants, supporting racists, ending Roe v. Wade, lying about the election when he lost, and calling for insurrection to stop the peaceful transfer of power. Thank God Joe Biden defeated him and restored decency, compassion, and honest, intelligent leadership to the presidency. Now Trump is trying to claw his way back. Frankly, it scares the hell out of me. I have said before that Donald Trump is a monster. And just imagine how dangerous it will be if he becomes President again. It’s going to take all of us to make sure Donald Trump never returns to the White House, so I’m personally asking to chip in anywhere from $25-$500.

    Why it was emailed to me was puzzling. As a lifelong New Yorker even more puzzling is why I should consider voting for any New York State or national socialist democrat when:

    • New York is now the highest taxed state.

    • It was just announced there is going to be a significant increase in our electric bills.

    • Inflation is not cooling down. The cost of living exceeds wage gains.

    • Housing costs in New York have increased by over 10% in the last year, the third highest in the country. The overall average is 6.4%.

    • Mandated transition costs to clean energy and reliability issues in New York will burden a significant percentage of its residents.

    • A predicted 2,6% Social Security COLA increase is absurd.

    • Despite the murder rate decrease, crime is still rampant.

    • The Biden ‘buy me a vote’ student loan forgiveness plan and open border debacle.

    All this under Biden and a 100% New York State Democratic Party controlled government. And Trump is the threat to our country’s freedoms and free speech? The ‘deplorables / clowns / the stupids / rotten apples/ racists need to be enlightened that Biden’s policies have been successful and that we never had it so good.

    Think about that as you struggle to pay your food, energy, housing, medical, credit card, etc., bills. That damn Trump! It’s all his fault. He needs to be in jail. Well, they’re working on it. That’s all they have going for them. Desperate times for desperate people.

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    [B]The sham Trump trial is over, back to what’s important in our lives[/B]

    The Democrats needed to find Trump guilty and a convicted felon to continue bludgeoning him and keep voter eyes and ears from seeing and hearing that Biden’s touted successful domestic and foreign policies are anything but well-received by most American families.

    Biden well understands that as he responded to Trump’s verdict with the following post "There’s only one way to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office: At the ballot box. Donate to our campaign today." Receiving 6 pleas for donations from the Biden campaign in the past few days makes that quite obvious to this unaffiliated voter.

    Under Biden:

    Inflation and the cost of living continue to trend upward – food, energy, housing, medical, personal debt.

    Unsustainable national debt – Reported today: The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB) reports that net spending on interest reached $514 billion in the first seven months of fiscal 2024 – more than what was spent on both national defense and Medicare. As the national debt nears $34.8 trillion, the state of America’s balance sheet is garnering increasing scrutiny from the financial world. Doesn’t seem to bother Mr. Biden and his ace economist Paul Krugman one bit.

    Illegal immigration – We need open borders and illegals to fill unfilled jobs the radical left tells us, yet it was reported today: Unemployment rates were higher in more than three-quarters of metropolitan areas in the US last month compared with a year ago. The jobless rate climbed in 305 of the 389 metropolitan areas in April, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Wednesday. Rising unemployment in 21 states points to a likely recession later this year as many economists have been predicting.

    Strategic Oil Preserve – Gas prices rose 15% this past quarter and Biden is considering tapping the SOP. He has already drawn on it and it currently holds 370 million barrels down from 640 million barrels by his previous draws as he battles fossil fuel use. A precarious position not seen in decades.

    The American Dream feels more out of reach than ever, especially for younger generations. What once seemed attainable with hard work now faces obstacles at every turn, from soaring college costs to the elusive goal of homeownership. Millennials and Gen Z face enormous student loan debts, a stark contrast to the manageable loans of previous generations. Housing prices have skyrocketed, making homeownership a distant dream for many, especially in cities where job opportunities are concentrated.

    The rising cost of healthcare leaves families across generations vulnerable to financial disaster in the face of illness, with younger generations feeling less secure due to less comprehensive benefit packages.

    With pensions a thing of the past and uncertainty surrounding Social Security, younger workers face a retirement planning maze. Inflation erodes purchasing power, making it harder for all but especially younger generations to keep up with the cost-of-living increases.

    Credit cards have become a survival tool for many, leading to a cycle of high-interest debt that is particularly prevalent among younger adults.

    Childcare expenses have skyrocketed, forcing many families into difficult decisions about work and childrearing.

    Economic Growth

    The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) announced Thursday that the U.S. economy grew less than previously thought in the first quarter of 2024 amid a slowdown in consumer spending. According to a release from the BEA, gross domestic product (GDP) was revised down in the first quarter from 1.6% to 1.3% year-over-year, indicating that the economy is not as strong as initial estimates indicated. The Stock Market went down 2,000 in the past few weeks an indicator the economy is not what we are being led to believe.

    How embarrassing for America, a presidential race between two old geezers, one a convicted felon, the other a mentally incompetent / doddering old man responsible for America’s decline. While Americans are hurting and openly see the decline, Biden is proud of his accomplishments and tells us that we never had it so good.

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    New York: No rule of law!

    The Trump political trial that lasted 6 weeks may cost taxpayers up to $2 million and have a devastating adverse impact on business in New York, and sway public opinion regarding the presidential race. The Democrats are jubilant and laughing it up. What’s that adage: ‘He who laughs last, laughs best!’

    $2 million paid by taxpayers living in the highest taxed state in the union.

    Nobody wants to do business in NYC

    Prominent business executives have warned that more New York enterprises and their leaders may fall victim to "no rule of law" in the wake of Donald Trump’s guilty verdict. "If they can do this to a businessperson like Donald Trump, they could do it to anybody in New York and a lot of businesses. A lot of people are concerned that there is no rule of law," billionaire CEO John Catsimatidis said on "Mornings with Maria" Friday.

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    While the Biden-Trump freak show continues America’s anxieties are ignored.

    The effects of the current economic landscape are clear. Stress and worries in America are at an all-time high. With the average American struggling to stay afloat, their homes, health, jobs, and families are all faced with hardships. All the increases in pricing, mortgages, and rents, along with child poverty and the lofty cost of health care all add to the stress of everyday life in America.

    Reported today:

    Despite the Biden administration trying to sell Americans his lie that they have it better today than when he took office, in fact, never had it so good, the U.S. Is experiencing extreme financial strain and Americans are struggling to stay afloat. A new CNBC Financial Confidence survey finds that 70% of U.S. citizens are under this stress. Other than statistics, many ways prove that financial stress is on the rise throughout all ages of Americans.

    Borrowing money in the U.S. has become even more expensive in the past few years due to the higher interest rates. According to the CNBC survey, 58% of American citizens are living paycheck to paycheck. These Americans are typically relying on credit cards to stay afloat. The use of credit cards among the struggling increases their debt even further, but they have no other choice.

    Zillow, a real estate firm, reports that the monthly mortgage rate on a normal house has doubled since 2020, with a 96% increase. Getting onto the housing market now may seem impossible for young Americans trying to save money. It isn’t just mortgages but even rent has increased 3.18% yearly since 2012. It's no wonder young Americans are feeling this stress knowing they will struggle to rent even a small apartment.

    The cost of living in America has increased, and for its citizens, even buying food has become a struggle — adding on to all the financial worries. Many households feel stressed about getting food on the table day to day.

    The extreme financial stress isn’t just worrying for citizens’ homes and food but even more so for their health. Six in ten adults have said that they miss out on needed health care because they can't afford the cost. 21% miss filling prescriptions, and one in ten often half their own medication prescription in order for it to last longer.

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, almost 9 million children are living in poverty. This 5.2% increase from two years ago means that children are living without many basic amenities. They lack food, fresh water, and sufficient education. This high poverty rate means these children will be suffering from poor health and their own money worries from a very young age.

    Vacations, free time activities and even meals are being skipped in order for the average American to afford their homes. Almost half of Americans are skipping their annual vacations and are even missing out on their usual hobbies due to the costs. Many citizens have been making these sacrifices and more just to keep off the streets. Second jobs are now more common than ever, and skipping meals to keep their homes is on the rise.

    Everyone should have savings in case of a crisis. However, it has become increasingly difficult for many Americans to have savings over $100, an amount which wouldn’t help much in an emergency. Early in 2024, GOBankingRates conducted a survey which turned out to be extremely worrying. The results show that 36% of Americans over 18 have less than $100 in their savings account. This is exceptionally worrying as financial experts suggest adults should have enough savings to cover a whole year of expenses.

    We may discuss savings with young people, but older Americans are increasingly worried about whether they can afford to retire. We may discuss savings with young people, but older Americans are increasingly worried about whether they can afford to retire. Middle-aged Americans are wrestling with the fact that they may not have enough money to see them through retirement. When they eventually reach an older age, they will have increased struggles and worries of not knowing when their health will deteriorate. This knowledge may force financial panic across all ages.

    Biden’s botched Afghanistan’s withdrawal, the recent failed Gaza deal, and the Ukraine debacle shows this man’s and the left’s waning influence and ineptness and failure to address America’s declining issues. Focusing on the sham Trump trial, the slut, lying / cheating Michael Cohen, and corrupt judicial system is all they have. Four more years of Biden, seriously?

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    America’s aging grid

    The grid is one area where politics don’t belong. As these technologies expand, massive increases in power consumption across the country are exposing deep weaknesses in the grid, the sprawling network of thousands of power plants and some 500,000 miles of power cables that provide electricity to millions of homes and businesses across the country.

    2030 is not that distant. Will we be ready? Where will the money come from? Will there be enough?

    “These days, anything can become partisan,” Gramlich said. “It'd be a big irony if transmission policy were led by Republicans 20 years ago, and now seems to be led by Democrats, got stuck in that partisan frame…The FERC rule that was issued [Monday] is really for economics and reliability. There's really no reason that should get a different answer from red states versus blue states, or Republicans versus Democrats.”

    As power demand starts to push the grid to its breaking point, pressure to modernize and upgrade transmission infrastructure will only increase—politics be damned. “With more consumption, there will be more of a sense of urgency,” Sierra Club senior strategy advisor Jeremy Fisher told Fortune. “As the capacity comes online to meet some of the AI-induced load requirements, there will be some hard decisions.”

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    More blackouts are coming!

    Renewable resources are much better for our planet in the long term. Dirty energy sources require similar costs and do immense harm to our planet. All energy production comes at a cost. We just need to pick the least worst for the environment."

    This is the 12th consecutive month where global heat indices have risen. Think about the last time you lost power. Think about the health consequences when that happens whether it be summer or winter. Think about the sacrifices we are asked / mandated to make to counter the hazardous weather events – especially when governments at war create environmental devastation and pollution, heat the planet, and they’re never attributing any thought to their role in polluting, or mitigations to save the planet.

    During power outages are you able to afford to flee to a hotel in an unaffected area? The vast majority of affected residents are stuck in unbearable heat or cold days and must suffer. Hospitals and nursing homes go dark, nonfunctioning traffic lights result in sprawling traffic jams, older residents who rely on medical devices to stay alive are thrown into uncertainty, and heat / cold related hospital visits spike.

    Mass blackouts are starting to become a more regular feature of modern American life. Power outages have increased 64% from the early 2000s, and weather-related outages — many driven by the worsening climate crisis — have increased 78%. But it's not just nature making our grid shakier: A system that was once largely controlled by localized public entities has been handed over to layers of regional authorities and private companies whose goal is maximizing profits — not reliability. As a result, our electrical system has been plagued by decreasing reliability, lagging maintenance, and soaring costs. All this has left America's energy system woefully unprepared to handle our uncertain future.

    Nationwide, our power systems are in trouble. Much of our grid infrastructure is 40, 50, 60-plus years old and needs upgrading and maintenance. The infrastructure is aging and outdated, costing consumers billions a year in higher energy bills. Moreover, the aging grid is not ready for the barrage of increasingly severe weather that the climate crisis is bringing, nor the incoming surge of renewable energy and battery storage as the US moves toward the Biden-Harris administration's goal to achieve a carbon-pollution-free grid by 2035.

    Smarter grids are just part of what it will take to modernize the American grid in the coming decades. They can deliver electricity in a "cleaner, more efficient, faster way. However, getting that electricity in the first place from wind, solar, and other renewables is where the challenge begins. But we have a long way to go to reach 100% clean electricity by 2035. Renewables are intermittent energy sources. Unlike fossil fuels, the amount of energy they generate fluctuates. But our grid system wasn't designed to handle that variation. To achieve zero-emissions electricity by 2035, the US needs to revamp the grid with up to 10,100 miles of new transmission lines that can transport renewable energy from point A to point B.

    Nationwide, the grid draws power from about 12,000 power plants. Over the next 20 years or so, it will have to balloon to incorporate millions of small, distributed energy-generation resources, from hydropower dams to offshore wind farms to rooftop solar panels. Then there will be the batteries, which store wind and solar energy until a rainy day. Meanwhile, newly electrified cars and heating systems will increase energy demand.

    Do we have enough time, money, resources to achieve a carbon-pollution-free grid by 2035?

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    Biden / Trump: Neither is worthy

    Had enough of the political / media lies, propaganda, hyperbole, same old, same old BS? Yeah, me too as we watch our country continue to decline nationally and globally. Here we are in June, three weeks away from the first presidential debate and the two presumptive presidential candidates are the two the majority of voters did not want to see on the ballot.

    Democracy is supposed to be about the will of the people. Did the majority of the people in this country want to see Trump prosecuted on the charges that convicted him. Trump represents a shock to the system. His supporters don’t seem to hold him to the same ethical standards.

    Others, despite having concerns about the mental fitness and policy disagreements with Joe Biden cannot envision casting a vote for Donald Trump. The more they see Trump dealing with issues, the less confident they are him. “A president’s got to be a step apart from just a good person. And I have a problem with his integrity and ethics. I’m swinging toward probably Biden. And I don’t like Biden. I don’t like him … got no ethics, either."

    Others following the Trump trial voice disappointment in the process and outcome. They thought Joe Biden was above this and other events and declare that Biden has dirty hands as well, is a very weak candidate right now, while making Trump much stronger. In turn, they need to make Trump even weaker and are doing it in a way that reflects poorly on the party.

    The Democrats say they have a problem with messaging, getting Biden’s success stories out. The public is not fooled. They live the policies of Biden and Inflation, the economy, immigration, crime, and abortion will ultimately be the things that determine their votes.

    A focus group was more closely aligned when asked about the state of American democracy in light of the verdict. Many of them still had reservations about throwing their support behind a specific candidate.

    "Well, I would say Biden now is off the table after today," an individual said. "I think Biden looks ungracious and looks incredibly weak. President Biden's mental fitness is a matter of "national security". He's not fit to be the commander-in-chief. Politicians who have met with Biden have noticed he "appears slower now" and is "someone who has both good moments and bad ones." Democrats extol his wisdom, experience, strength, and strategic thinking and accuse the attacks on Biden by Republicans are unjustified. Americans aren’t stupid and clearly see Biden as an old man no longer physically or mentally fit to continue in office.”

    Another individua declared: "I think because I see more and more people kind of leaning toward Trump these days, as time goes on. It seems like this verdict is going to energize people toward Trump. Maybe if they were apathetic or weren’t sure, maybe it kind of lights a fire in them," she said.


    Two times zero is still zero!

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    Democrats: They have met the enemy, and it is them

    For an administration with a supporting / covering liberal media, entering office in such favorable position as the anti-Trump, unifying personage, the savior and protector of our democracy and freedom, three years later finds itself struggling in the polls against a convicted felon, the most hated individual who if elected threatens not only the democracy, freedom and safety of America, but the world, the Democratic party can only blame itself with inflicting its own political wounds and possible election downfall.

    A doddering old man, lacking mental acuity unable to string intelligent sentences together without prompts, lying / fabricating at will, a total embarrassment and tool of the Democratic left, Biden has surpassed Trump in revulsion, distrust, and hope for a better future.

    Attacking Trump for years, before he was in office, while in office and after, Biden and the Democratic party got what they wanted, a conviction that would end Trump’s opportunity to successfully regain the presidency. Unfortunately, combined with the White House’s failed domestic and foreign policies, failed campaign strategies have left even their own party patriarchs fearful their strategies have backfired only to strengthen Trump’s position.

    You don’t lie to families who are struggling to get by. Joe "The Insult President’s" ridiculous whoppers is his insistence that the economy is great and all of us are just too dumb to notice.

    You don’t win over your electorate by insulting them – calling voters four years ago "dog faced pony soldiers," or "fat," or telling them he knew why their wife left them, and the insults haven’t slowed down one bit.

    In January 2020, before COVID and under Trump, Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index, which measures how Americans feel about the issue, was at plus 40, a staggering high. Today it has plunged to a near record nadir of negative 34. Yet, we are too stupid to know when we are being lied to.

    Suckers. You should have spent four years smoking weed and learning how horrible America is. Instead you can just foot the bill for the people better than you who made that much wiser choice.

    It was with grave solemnity that Joe Biden told us for months and months that there was nothing political about the lawfare being waged against Donald Trump, but all it took was one conviction for the Insulter in Chief to flash a bizarre and sinister smile when literally asked if the former president was now his political prisoner.

    Just days after his campaign held an official event with movie star Robert De Niro, from the steps of the courthouse; the Hollywood legend appeared to rant. wasn’t there to give his expert legal analysis. No, he was there in his official campaign capacity to call Trump supporters clowns. But don’t worry, none of it was political, right?

    Just last month, Joe Biden once again told the lie that he had been appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy, but decided not to go because NFL Hall of Famer Roger Staubach would be stiff competition for starting quarterback on the football team. This was presumably around the time he pretended he was arrested in the Civil Rights movement and presumably before his mythical time in jail with Nelson Mandela.

    There are also his years spent driving the big rigs that never happened, and of course, the fact that he never, ever, not even once talked business with his son Hunter, except, of course, for all the dinners and phone conversations he had with Hunter and his, um, business partners.

    Biden repeatedly claims inflation was at 9.2% when he took office and that he created 15 million jobs. The lies go on and on. There are few things more insulting than someone telling you an obvious lie right to your face, and Joe Biden does that pretty much every time his lips move.

    This week he told a Time Magazine reporter that "I can take you, too," a clear threat to give him some of the old Cornpop treatment. Much of this would be terribly funny if it weren’t so terrifying for the country.

    Four more years of Biden, seriously? The Democrats and Jill Biden should be ashamed of using this decrepit old man as a tool to impose a failing agenda that is imperiling America, and an embarrassment before the eyes of the world.

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    Do you really need $1 million to retire on?

    There are enough things in our lives today to worry us and stress us out. A significant increase in reported depression and suicides gives testimony to that. For all Americans it is the cost of living and getting by every day. For those thinking of retirement or already in retirement for some time, determining whether they are financially capable of retiring, and those already retired comes the fear of having enough money and not running out before dying.

    This fear is instilled / enhanced by investment institutions that advise having $1 million and up before thinking of retiring to live comfortably. As someone who retired years ago having nowhere near $1 million in savings, or now, I considered myself a failure for investing poorly and less fortunate. Reading the follow report clears up a lot of misconceptions and argues ‘one size doesn’t fit all.’ It brightened my day.

    Do we really need $1M in retirement savings? Not even close, one top economist says
    USA Today

    If you want to retire in comfort, investment firms and news headlines tell us, you may need $1 million in the bank.
    Or maybe not. One prominent economist says you can retire for a lot less: $50,000 to $100,000 in total savings. He points to the experiences of actual retirees as evidence.

    Most Americans retire with nowhere near $1 million in savings. The notion that we need that much money to fund a secure retirement arises from opinion polls, personal finance columns and two or three rules of thumb that suffuse the financial planning business.

    Financial advisers tell you to save 10 times your annual salary for retirement, enough cash that you can live on 4% of the balance for a year. In one widely reported survey, Americans said they would need $1.46 million in the bank to retire comfortably.

    Prominent economist Andrew Biggs disagrees. To prove his point, the economist looked at responses to the federal Survey of Household Economics and Decisionmaking between 2019 and 2022. The survey asked retirement-age Americans, 65 to 74, how well they were managing financially. A majority, roughly 85%, said they were just fine: They were living comfortably, or at least “doing OK.”

    No two retirements are alike, financial advisers say. Some retirees are still making mortgage payments or supporting grandchildren. Others have neither dependents nor debt. “If you’re living in Manhattan, yeah, you probably need a million dollars, if not more,” said Christopher Lyman, a certified financial planner in Newtown, Pennsylvania. “If you’re living out near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with the Amish, there’s not a lot going on down there. If you’ve got $50,000, you’re probably OK.”


    A worthwhile read!

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    Biden-Trump: A distinction without a difference

    One of many who did not want to see a rematch between Biden and Trump, I am still holding out hope that this almost certain rematch will not happen. Neither the felon or the doddering fossil will unite and make America great again.

    It is appalling to watch America’s decline taking place domestically and globally. Watching both candidates, their lapdog political cohorts and biased media allies lying before our very eyes defending unfit presidential candidates.

    It is especially sad to see Biden’s physical and mental decline taking place before our very eyes and contemptable of the political operatives and media who see the very same deterioration and decline to acknowledge it; in fact, lying and covering it up. They do us no favor as we are losing our global standing and influence.

    Jill Biden should feel especially ashamed for letting her declining spouse become the tool of the party’s leftwing.

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