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Thread: Chargers Move to LA.

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    Chargers Move to LA.

    So the taxpayer's voice was heard goodbye, San Diego, as the owner moves his team to LA. Did this idiot think the people were going to pay for $2 billion for a new stadium? I hope money bags sees that when he wants his new digs and us to pay for it. bye bye bills Maybe mayor erkel can kick in some cash..
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    we should start an over/under on how long before the rams and chargers leave LA
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    NFL talking heads think this is a bluff by the Chargers to get the city to pay up to keep them
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    Now what does this sound like? unused yep you're right!!

    No, the important question is what we will do with the 166 acres of city-owned land in Mission Valley. It’s no longer merely an academic question.

    The Chargers have called this prime spot near major freeways, an existing trolley line, San Diego State University and the San Diego River home for 50 years. Yet when the Chargers weren’t playing and Qualcomm Stadium wasn’t hosting the likes of college football games, soccer games, monster truck rallies or concerts, the site’s massive parking lot often sat vacant or was occupied by things like used car tent sales, drag races or swap meets.

    It was, in a word, underused

    Just like taxpayer stadium here. not used for how many years?
    God must love stupid people; He made so many

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