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Thread: Super Bowel 51 Pats win..

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    Super Bowel 51 Pats win..

    WOW!!! what a great game. Those bills fans and the die-hards really have to be crying in their beer tonight..
    You are not going to beat these guys. Good for Hogan gets a SB ring and had a nice game another flub by the bills. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady set new Super Bowl records Sunday for the most passing yards and the most completions in a single game.

    The game's Most Valuable Player finished with 466 passing yards on 43-of-62 passing to go with two touchdowns and one interception. Brady's fifth Super Bowl is also a record. also Brady's
    forth time MVP.
    Atlanta had a complete collapse in the second half.. Now that remainds me of something the bills would do

    How about the rip off prices for the fans Domestic beer? $12. Glass of wine? $11. And mixed drinks are going for $15, $30 if you make it a double.
    Bottle of water $7.00 Football hot dog $11.00.. what a bunch of crooks.
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    Atlanta fell apart in the second half. Almost like they wanted NE to win
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    My son made some excellent chicken wing dip for the game. Good thing I had the Super Bowel, though.

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    wow so the pats are looking to sign Brady for at least 3 more years maybe 5. oh god help the Bills.
    God must love stupid people; He made so many

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