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In a SEP 22 2016, 11:16 AM ET statement Cuomo "...I have zero tolerance for abuse of the public trust from anyone…

Governor Cuomo delays, as of October 28, 2016, to investigate the following public trust abusers

Further gambling the HCSD manufactured corruption would just disappear and obsessed with greed to optimize professional fee revenue Andrew J. Freedman purposefully and illegally obstructed from December 21, 2015 to August 16, 2016 to give me a copy of the December 21, 2015 Memorandum of Law. Why? It is full of fact contradicting lies. Following is evidence of another of Andrew J. Freedman’s lies.

Andrew J. Freedman further dupes Commissioner Elia and Governor Cuomo with his above definition of the matter “regarding the January 14, 2015 149 day out of school suspension”.

The total out of school suspension days Daniel unjustly served as of the above dated December 21, 2015 Memorandum of Law were 179, not 149.

As analyzed and concluded in were January 9 and 12, 2015 part of Andrew J. Freedman’s 149? Both days records will verify HCSD did NOT send a school car to pick up Daniel for school.

Andrew J. Freedman’s dishonesty is consistent as also concluded in:

The Summary Background of this endless HCSD and Andrew J. Freedman corruption is: Daniel reported academic fraud of his middle school principal. Caught, the middle school principal chose against resolving - she abusively lashed out at 13 year old student. The principal’s character defects resulted in distrust. Jennifer Giallella conditioned Daniel’s disbelief. HCSD taught conflict resolution. 12/17/14 interim superintendent Coppola was emailed “…Daniel does not trust Jennifer. Two months past I felt Daniel was absent of just cause. Vince, Jennifer's actions/lack of actions/obstacles has validated Daniel's mistrust. Daniel and Jennifer - Jennifer being the adult of the 2 was requested on December 2, 2014 to contact Grace Clark for the sole purpose of commencing the re-establishment of trust. Grace reports no communication from Jennifer…will Jennifer immediately initiate this trust process with Grace?” Ms. Clark LCSW-R recommended conflict resolution. 12/18/14 interim superintendent Coppola, indicating juvenile defective character emailed “…Dave, I'm not directing Jen to call Grace Clark…” HCSD teaches conflict resolution. Hypocritically its leadership lacks strength of character TO PRACTICE CONFLICT RESOLUTION. Result – more vengeance! In one of many acts of retaliation on December 19, 2014 HCSD unjustly suspended Daniel for one (1) act of misconduct. Conflicting HCSD records report the one (1) act of misconduct ridiculously occurring on various dates. Further retaliating, HCSD denied telling Daniel his punished act of misconduct for 188 days. 55 days following the act of misconduct HCSD processed a February 10, 2015 superintendent’s hearing. Further retaliating, HCSD intentionally tricked Daniel and his father into not attending this superintendent’s hearing. At a prior January 12, 2015 superintendent’s hearing the HCSD employed prejudiced witness, Cheryl McGirr, of Daniel’s alleged act of misconduct failed to attend. She was deliberately secreted to avoid answering questions about her act of misconduct report. The February 10, 2015 superintendents hearing transcript includes 146 fact conflicting untruths. The superintendents hearing officer results continued the already 34 school day retaliatory punishment/suspension. The current 328 school day punishment/suspension’s continuance REMAINS entirely reasoned with:

· an assistant principal read under oath NOTICE OF SUSPENSION not yet received by Daniel and me,
· a yet to be shown SURVEILLANCE VIDEO testified under oath recording the (1) act of misconduct and
· an interim superintendent Coppola fabricated REPORT received from the hearing officer +/- 1 day of January 13, 2015.
The HCSD Board of Education was appealed. NYS Commissioner of Education was appealed. HCSD’s deceit exponentially magnified. HCSD’s integrity verified appeal responses include an additional 97 fact conflicting lies. No integrity – just more cover-up lies – more duping of Commissioner Elia. In response to Daniel’s father’s February 5, 2015 request:
· to receive for the 1st time the assistant principal read NOTICE OF SUSPENSION,
· to receive and view the SURVEILLANCE VIDEO and
· to receive a copy of the fabricated hearing officer REPORT
interim superintendent Coppola and Andrew J. Freedman negligently escalated deception. They manufactured and filed a totally false report to a NYS agency. On September 25, 2015 Daniel and his parents learned NYS Acting Commissioner for Office of Children and Family Services Sheila J. Poole on March 17, 2015 ruled interim superintendent Coppola’s and Andrew J. Freedman’s February 5, 2015 claim had no credible evidence; thus one big lie. NYS mandated academic records prepared by Daniel’s 9 teachers will validate Poole’s decision of interim superintendent Coppola’s and Andrew J. Freedman’s one colossal lie. Collaborating with HCSD’s and Andrew J. Freedman’s undeniable dishonesty Commissioner Elia, in possession of all above facts as provided by HCSD June 23, 2015, has deferred 470 days in ruling like Acting Commissioner Poole and 369 days in NOT providing Daniel’s academic records. All the while Andrew J. Freedman increased his personal wealth sustainably funded by Commissioner Elia, Regent Collins knowledge and quite literally the taxpayers.

The detail of this summary background is:

2. and document evidence

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