Already on the books in NYS is a law that says you are supposed to possess a "permit" to buy gun powder. Gove Cuomo's legal boys are trying to see if they can exspand that to a permitt to buy ammo or to also attach the back ground check when you buy ammo.
This is but a small preview what's coming should Mrs Clinton be elected President.

WASHINGTON Voters in four states will decide on proposed gun restrictions next month, as gun-safety proponents, often rebuffed by Congress and state officials, increasingly turn to ballot initiatives to push passage of stricter firearms laws.

Voters in Maine and Nevada will decide whether to expand background checks for gun buyers. In Washington state, where activists passed a background-check measure two years ago, voters will decide whether judges can temporarily stop people who pose threats to themselves or others from possessing guns. And in California, voters will decide on measures that ban high-capacity magazines and require people buying bullets to first undergo background checks.