Treatment of Indians over years is shameful
December 30, 2009, 6:47 AM /

Stop blaming the Seneca tribe for not collecting taxes on gas and tobacco. Really the blame should be on our own state government. If the government would repeal the taxes on these products, there would be no reason for all the traffic going to the reservations. But as long as our government continues to bleed us for everything it can, I will continue trading with the Senecas.

The Indians have been cheated every time they try to deal with us and I have no doubt that if the tribes started paying these so-called taxes, the government would then try to collect taxes on everything the Indians own. It seems to me that the Indians are the only people who know how to run anything. Why not try to collect taxes on products sold in Canada? Itís the same thing. It seems that most people do not understand the meaning of sovereign territory.

While we are on the subject of treaties, I moved here from Oklahoma, which belonged to the Indians until oil and minerals, such as lead and zinc, were found there. Well, our government stepped in and took it back with the Oklahoma Land Rush. Maybe we should go back and honor that treaty and give it back to the Indians. Yeah, right. In closing, I am ashamed of the way we have treated the Indians. So come on Senecas, stick by your treaty and continue to fight.

Roger Hallam