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Thread: Loft apartments coming to downtown NF

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    Loft apartments coming to downtown NF

    Former Niagara Falls School Building to be Redeveloped Into Loft Apartments

    The former South Junior High School building at 561 Portage Road, that's been vacant for nearly a decade, is scheduled for major redevelopment that will give it new purpose in the Cataract City. The deteriorating building is undergoing a major $22.3 million renovation that will turn it into 61 loft apartments and 19,000 square feet of commercial space. Time Warner Cable News reporter Angela Christoforos explains how the Niagara City Lofts Project will transform former classrooms into apartments.

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    And then they're going to spin straw into gold!

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    Photo needs a little cyan.

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    Who'll pay for the armed guards at the door?
    Let me articulate this for you:
    "I'm not locked in here with them. They're locked in here with me!!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by HipKat View Post
    Who'll pay for the armed guards at the door?
    you better be armed to live there.
    God must love stupid people; He made so many

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