One Seneca Tower goes up for auction at 3 p.m.

The bidding at Thursday’s 3 p.m. foreclosure auction for Buffalo’s tallest office building could be a quick, non-event.The mortgage holder, LNR Partners, is widely expected to win the auction because it is owed $91 million for the 850,000-square-foot building – which is 95 percent empty – and is now worth less than $20 million, according to recent appraisals.

I wonder what the final price will be.

This comment was interesting.

alan long an hour ago
Multi-purpose building is the only possible chance for this to survive, and even then is questionable.
First few floors (where building spans out towards street) = Department Stores, a grocery store (where your purchases go down a conveyor to the parking garage below - seen it in Florida), shops, a brewery, restaurants, bowling alley, fitness center. (People living downtown need something).
Top 2 floors = visitor experience center. add glass floor panels that expand out over the building like the Sears tower in Chicago (I know not nearly as tall), a mid level restaurant and bar with great views, historical pictures/info describing the city as you walk around.
other 30 or so floors = Condos (10 floors), apartments (8 floors), Offices (6 floors), and the remaining floors TBD by people far more intelligent than me.