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Thread: Lancaster Town Supervisor on rumors and innuendos

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    Lancaster Town Supervisor on rumors and innuendos

    At Monday evening’s Lancaster Town Board work session, Supervisor Robert Giza brought to the attention of the board members and a few attendees the anger felt concerning the salacious rumors and innuendos appearing on the Internet, in the media and passed about in public.


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    I wonder if they were talking about us

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    Wow, what a story.

    Well, I looked into the web and saw nothing on the things stated by Mr. Bob Giza, such as the library, the summer place, and anything else he had mentioned.

    What is amazing is that the leader of the Lancaster town would use such threatening statements and calling names is purely insulting. In fact I am shocked by this editorial. What a damn shame. Mr. Giza you should have known better and shown class and leadership, not intimidation.

    Intimidation is a tactic you use as we have seen here in the past. What is unfortunate to you and your group is that the citizens of this town will be watching closer.

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