This a listing of benefits from the state of NY

Auto registration, Thruway permits furnished free to qualified, seriously disabled veterans who receive a VA adaptive vehicle grant.

A New York State Blind Annuity (2005 rate is $1,027 annually) is available to visually impaired wartime veterans and certain unremarried spouses. Follow this link for applications and more information. (New York State Blind Annuity)


Payments authorized by counties for indigent New York veterans and certain family members; purchase of headstone also authorized.

A supplemental burial allowance of up to $6,000 is authorized for certain military personnel killed in combat or while on active duty in hostile or imminent danger locations on or after September 29, 2003.

Qualified handicapped disabled veterans eligible for appointment to non-competitive State employment positions under Sections 55-b and 55-c of the New York State Civil Service Law. State and Local: Ten-point additional credit preference toward original appointment for disabled wartime veterans; five-points for wartime service; and two and a half points for competitive promotional exams. Job retention rights applicable to veterans and spouses of totally disabled veterans.

Veterans Tuition Award: Provides up to $1,000 per semester for full-time study or $500 per semester for part-time study to eligible New York State residents discharged under other than dishonorable conditions from the U.S. Armed forces and are:
  • Vietnam Veterans who served in Indochina between Dec. 22, 1961 and May 7, 1975.
  • Persian Gulf Veterans who served in the Persian Gulf on or after Aug. 2, 1990.
  • Afghanistan Veterans who served in Afghanistan during hostilities on or after Sept. 11, 2001.
Awards for Children of Veterans (CV) (State): Provides to eligible children of deceased veterans or those service connected disabled of 40-percent or greater a non-competitive award of $450 a year. For detailed information Military Service Recognition Scholarship (MSRS): Available to certain dependents of military personnel killed, severely and permanently disabled or missing in combat or a combat zone of operation since August 2, 1990.

EMPLOYMENT and TRAINING As guaranteed by the New York State Veterans Bill of Rights for Employments Services, veterans are entitled to priority service at all New York State Department of Labor offices in referrals to jobs, as well as for employment counseling, vocational testing and other services. Veterans receive special priority for all services and training funded by the Job Training Partnership Act. For more information call 1-800-342-3358 or visit the Department of Labor's Web site:

State Veterans Home: A 242 bed veterans home is operated by the State Department of Health at Oxford, Chenango County, for veterans, spouses and certain parents. The Department of Health also operates a 250-bed facility at St. Albans, Queens, a 126-bed facility adjacent to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Batavia, Genesee County and a 250-bed facility in Montrose, Westchester County. A 350-bed Veterans Home is located on the campus of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Long Island, and is operated by the university’s Health Sciences Center. Health related care and skilled nursing services are available at all facilities. Admission preference is based on severity of illness or disability and need for care.

LICENSES & PERMITS Veterans with a 40-percent or greater disability rating are eligible for low-cost hunting and fishing licenses, and free use of state parks, historic sites and recreation sites

Partial exemption from real property taxes is based on condition of service, with additional benefits based upon degree of service-connected disability. Applications must be filed before Taxable Status Day. Qualifying widow(er)s may file for benefit based on their spouse's service. Exemption applies to local and county property taxes. For more detailed information and applications, see: Frequently Asked Questions -- Veterans Property Tax Exemption

WHEELCHAIR HOMES Certain seriously disabled or blinded veterans may be eligible for a grant to build or adapt their home to meet the veteran’s wheelchair needs.


Eligibility for most veterans benefits--whether from New York State or the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) -- is based on discharge from active military service under other than dishonorable conditions with a minimum period of service as specified by law. Active duty service generally means full-time service as a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, or as a commissioned officer of the Public Health Service, the Environmental Services Administration, or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Completion of at least six years of honorable service in the Selected Reserves also provides for home loan benefits for those not otherwise eligible.

Persons serving in the reserves may also be eligible for education benefits. Men and women veterans with similar service are entitled to the same VA benefits. Service in 30 organizations during special periods that include World Wars I and II has been certified as active military service by the Defense Department. Members of these groups, listed at this site, may be eligible for VA benefits if Defense certifies their service and issues a discharge under honorable conditions.
The Defense Department issues each veteran a military discharge form, DD214, identifying the veteran's condition of discharge - honorable, general, other than honorable, dishonorable, or bad conduct. Honorable and general discharges qualify a veteran for most VA benefits. Dishonorable and bad-conduct discharges issued by general courts-martial bar VA benefits. Veterans in prison and parolees may be eligible for certain VA benefits. VA regional offices can clarify eligibility of prisoners and parolees.