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Thread: NHL's shopping spree begins today

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    NHL's shopping spree begins today

    The biggest stars will get the biggest dollars, and they'll get them quickly. Some may even find an eight-figure offer lying next to their sandwich at lunchtime.

    Other than that, few things are certain as the NHL free agency period begins today.

    The Buffalo Sabres and 29 other teams start their annual shopping spree when the clock strikes noon. The Sabres enter the contract frenzy with five unrestricted free agents, including right wing Mike Grier and defensemen Jay McKee and Teppo Numminen.
    The Sabres likely will spend the next few weeks trying to replenish their undermanned blue line while trimming their overloaded forward ranks.
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    Not that I know what I am talking about, but I'd go for an older veteran defensman and a power forward who can bang some bodies, spray up the ice and put the puck in the net..............(also, both should have healthy medical histories with a proven track record of being able to take some lumps without having to miss the post season)
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    It will be hard for the Sabres to compete in the free agent market based on yesterday's signings. Jay McKee could have been signed by the Sabres last yr. for about $2M/yr, but just received $4M/year from the Blues. The other signings were just as upscale and one has to wonder what will happen to players such as Briere, Drury, Miller, etc. when their time comes. Marque players are needed to fill the stands and the "blue collar" type roster can only take you so far. Look even local man J. Jacobs and his Bruins open their purse strings yesterday

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