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Ergo clarence was a town before erie was a county. Thanks for proving my point
Yeahbut, Clarence was in Niagara County at that time. There have been counties here before Erie County, but no towns that weren't in some county or another.
And each of those counties had law enforcement of some kind or another.
And when new counties were formed, law enforcement was set up from the get-go. That was a given.

All I'm trying to say is that when the first towns started their own police departments, the laws should have been addressed and changed then. For the county executiove to come through and arbitrarily drop those patrols now, despite the fact that the taxpayers are paying for them and have been, is just plain wrong.

And there are some morons out there screaming that somebody is getting something for nothing - wake up! Its all paid for out of your current county taxes. If Giambra removes a service without a corresponding drop in taxes, that's theft of services and he's guilty!
He needs that extra money (as someone else said, it's all about the money) because he's pissed away all our reserves and he's got to keep on feeding his cronies!