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Thread: Dominos's perplexed by meaning of "menu" and "minimum wage"

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    Dominos's perplexed by meaning of "menu" and "minimum wage"

    Domino's was all in a tissy claiming it couldn't figure out the meaning of "menu" in the regulations requiring that it post calorie counts on its menus, and therefore it couldn't comply with the regulation.

    Turns out "menu" isn't thye only "m" phrase Domino's has struggled with:

    Five Domino's pizza franchisees settle NY wage charges for $970G

    Two WNY Domino's owners to pay $170K to workers

    State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says the franchises admitted to the following violations:

    Some stores paid delivery workers below the tipped minimum wage applicable to delivery workers under New York law.

    Some stores failed to pay overtime to employees who worked over 40 hours in a week, and others under-paid overtime, because they did not combine all hours worked at multiple stores owned by the same franchisee, or because they used the wrong formula to calculate overtime for tipped workers, unlawfully reducing workers’ pay.

    Delivery workers who used their own cars to make deliveries were not fully reimbursed for their job-related vehicle expenses.

    Delivery workers who used their own bicycles to make deliveries were typically not reimbursed for any expenses related to maintaining their bicycles, nor were they provided with protective gear as required by New York City law.
    Some stores violated a state requirement that employers must pay an additional hour at minimum wage when employees’ daily shifts are longer than 10 hours.

    Some stores also violated a state requirement that employers must pay restaurant workers for at least three hours of work when those employees report to work for a longer shift but are ultimately sent home early because of slow business or other reasons.

    Some stores took a "tip credit" without tracking tips, and assigned delivery workers to kitchen or other untipped work for more time than legally permitted. Employers may only take a “tip credit” and pay a lower minimum wage to tipped restaurant employees if those employees earn enough in tips and spend most of their time – at least 80 percent –performing tipped work.

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    I haven't eaten their crappy pizza in years
    I'll admit the commercials make it look like they've made changes but the last few times I had it it was like a piece of corrugated cardboard with cheese and toppings
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    So who gets the money from these fines?
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