In this state you just go into a circle. One of the reasons we dont have many good paying jobs is taxes, very high taxes. Every person on assistance is getting the benies from tax money. See the circle? Some states are getting smart and dumping their welfare.The single mother gets everything handed to them, free higher education, free medical, free dental.The state will even pay for child care while the mother goes to school.Not a bad deal.Now when you add this all up that $ 8.00 hr job shoots up to 15.00 to 20.00 hr I would guess.And the person going to work everyday making that 15.00 to 20.00 hr has to pay all that so in the end the persons on assistance make more in the long run.And we wonder why everyone is leaving the area, and going to places that dont tax you to death.
SO this is what it would really cost someone for all they give?

40 hr X $15 = $600 a week...$2400 a month.