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Thread: School teaches kids THE GOVERNMENT GIVES US RIGHTS

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    Exclamation School teaches kids THE GOVERNMENT GIVES US RIGHTS

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    heres the source:

    So it turns out that the govt is brainwashing our children into believing that the govt, not the people are the ones in charge...

    And yet the democrats on this forum still cling to the idea that our govt is so wonderful?
    Willful ignorance is the downfall of every major empire in history.

    "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." - Mao, 1938

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    Actually your link does not claim that our rights come from We the People (which is where both our rights and our government come from, so they are of the same source.)

    Your link claims our rights come from an imaginary supernatural being.

    Once you pass "rights and privileges" into the realm of the supernatural, then you have only the rights and privileges that the high priests say that you have.

    I'd rather have the rights that We the People decide we have.

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