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Thread: Cognitive Weppner Dissonance

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    Cognitive Weppner Dissonance

    Cognitive Weppner Dissonance

    The big news Tuesday afternoon was that the first case of Ebola was diagnosed Stateside, down in Texas. By the late afternoon, we knew that the afflicted man had flown from Liberia (a former American colony) to Texas to visit relatives.

    You have to go read this above blog post.

    I don't know if Alan is just playing along making these comments or if he seriously is this misguided about the situation on our southern border.

    I made this comment because we see how many people are illegally crossing the border.

    "As long as the current Administration doesn't do anything to curb these
    illegal crossings we can easily see how this can become an expensive
    burden on existing US citizens. Why let it get to that point to begin
    with? Right?"
    I figure people who may infected with any illness could illegally cross and spread that illness. Right?

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    Why would you for one second believe bentankle would have honest/factual conversation with anyone. His dominate presence in the rag art voice is completely in line with their Pro Dem anything attitude.

    He is a loud little man in a big fish tank - he actually believes the Dems are responsible for him being here!
    #Dems play musical chairs + patronage and nepotism = entitlement !

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