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Thread: Pave your mess

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    Pave your mess

    Yeah another one of my Bi**h threads .......After the town ripped up all of Joseph drive and did one large patch job with limps and dips and doesn't have the common courtesy to pave their mess before the cold weather should be fired. Nothing more than one big eye sore, and I don't understand their (town board) thinking Joseph was paved two years ago and now they ripped it up and made one hell of a mess with it.
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    How about the intersection of Union and Galleria it is still a mess from the winter.

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    Winter is on the way...

    You have to see the condition of Rowley rd.

    I was thinking of taking a house count and adding up what that road generates in taxes for the town. I don't care how it is divided up all I know is what we pay in total to live in the town.

    If you have 100 homes paying $5000 a year in taxes those 100 homes generate (100 X $5000) = $500,000 a year. You would think you could keep the pot holes filled with that money. Proper maintenance usually pays off over the long run.

    When does our town get their windfall for road repair from all the gas tax that is collected? Does that go into a general fund spent on other things or does that go directly into road repairs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riven37 View Post
    ... and doesn't have the common courtesy to pave their mess before the cold weather
    There's still 2 months before cold weather hits. It was 82 degrees today.
    How long ago was it patched? Maybe they'll still get to it this year.

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