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Thread: Brian Davis! On Facebook! Shameless??

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    Brian Davis! On Facebook! Shameless??

    Brian Davis has one attribute essential to success in politics . . shamelessness!

    Here is Brian Davis on Facebook, courtesy of Geoff Kelly at ARTVOICE.

    Will Davis ever answer the REAL questions costing taxpayers so much to uncover in multiple high-level investigations?

    So far Facebook trivia has kept him from the true issues.

    For example, is he still President of CAO (Community Action Organization), as they are embarking on a multi-million project to turn the crumbling 'German Orphanage' into housing costing $1/4 million each . . . another of the endless projects in Bflo, sometimes labeled "the profits of poverty"?

    This, of course, is occuring in the context of Davis being investigated for giving "poverty funds" to an athlete friend to open a dramatically-failed restaurant in the upscale Delaware District.

    Watch his Facebook page for more?!
    August 7, 2009

    Brian Davis! On Facebook!
    Filed under: Common Council — Geoff Kelly @ 11:39 am

    Ellicott District Councilmember Brian Davis!

    You know! He’s got problems! Big problems!

    But he keeps in touch with his constituents via Facebook!

    And he loves! exclamation! points!

    Some excerpts from his page:

    August 2:
    Brian C. Davis Is wishing everyone a great week! Let this week be the week that we all be mindful of our Civic Responsibility!

    July 28:
    Brian C. Davis did not vote for a new ordinance allowing citizens to have up to 5 chickens as pets in the City of Buffalo! Feeling that this ordinance does not go far enough in addressing some basic concerns that residents in my district has. 6 others on the Common Council approved this ordinance today which only means an increase in rodents, not enough enforcement by the City, and possibly goats, turkeys, pigs, etc. PROBLEMS!

    July 24:
    Brian C. Davis is wishing you all a very safe, enjoyable weekend! Let today be the day that we stop destroying our own and find a way to encourage and support each other whether we agree or disagree. Most important though, let’s agree that we may disagree but still Love and Support one another!

    June 21:

    Brian C. Davis is wishing all the Fathers and all men that play a significant role in a child’s life a Super Day! Make the best of this day and if nothing else, say these words to your children no matter how old they may be, “I Love You!”

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    I dont get your point.

    You dont think he should be allowed to have a private face book page?

    Why? He is human and a citizen isnt he?
    People who wonder if the glass is half empty or full miss the point. The glass is refillable.

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    Mr. Kern:

    While I agree with you tha Brian Davis is a useless (perhaps fraudulent) elected official, I fail to understand why you would have a problem with him being on Facebook?

    Just for the record, I believe that you and I have one mutual friend of Facebook.

    Does that make you shameless?

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    I think his point is he's shameless in the fact that he's promoting himself as an important honest and trustworthy pol, which we all know isn't true!
    "I know you guys enjoy reading my stuff because it all makes sense. "

    Dumbest post ever! Thanks for the laugh PO!

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