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Thread: Sabres ticket prices stay steady for '06-'07

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    Sabres ticket prices stay steady for '06-'07

    The Buffalo Sabres have good news for the bulk of their season-ticket holders.

    The National Hockey League announced that, with few exceptions, most of its season ticket prices will remain the same next season as they were for this year.

    Two sections will see lower season ticket prices while two others will see a slight increase.

    Prices in the "200 Level End" have been lowered from an average of $69 per game to $54 per game while in the "Section 300 Level III" area prices have dropped from $17 per game to $15. The prices are for season ticket holders only.

    Meanwhile, prices in the "100 Level IV" section, prices will rise from $21 per game to $25 per game while the "Section 300 Level IV" prices will increase from $10 per game to $15 per game. Again, the prices are only for season ticket holders.

    Sabres officials said under the 2006-2007 season ticket packages, prices for the bulk of the 18,690 seats in HSBC Arena will remain unchanged. That equals 17,107 seats while 1,312 will see a reduction in prices and 1,581 will see the increase.
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    holy cow .. the tickets are that high in the 200 level per game?

    Any idea what a season ticket costs?

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