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Thread: 60 million gallons of water unaccounted for in Town of Gaines

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    60 million gallons of water unaccounted for in Town of Gaines

    For the second time in less than a year, the Town of Gaines underwent an unflattering audit.

    The previous forensic audit found the books off by roughly $100,000, and a water audit Tuesday showed that 60 million gallons had disappeared over the past 4ø years.

    Town Supervisor Carol Culhane said the missing water would fill a tank the length of a football field standing more than 140 feet high.

    “We’re a small town, and that’s a lot of water,” she stated, noting that the missing water is from only the 4ø-year period able to be re-created.

    The water audit was done because Culhane saw that the town’s water districts were operating in the red.

    “Last year, working on the 2014 budget, it struck me as odd that they were in the red or were faltering, and I remembered that before I was elected and was only sitting in the audience, the districts were losing money,” Culhane said. “So we started to look into it.”

    Culhane said nine of the 10 town water districts are “relatively new” with “a few minor issues, but no main breaks.” However, in piecing together the water districts’ books, Culhane said the town’s water billing clerk “found that there is substantial water loss.” That loss came from “non-billed, consumed gallons, with no consumer paying for them.”

    According to the water audit, the town received high marks in the leakage category, meaning it is not technically “losing” water. However, the town earned a score of 48 out of 100 based on standards from the American Water Works Association. If Gaines were a student, Culhane said, it would have received a “D.
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    i wonder if their actually 'using' that water, and its not a faulty meter...

    I think these water meters, are not exactly 'precise' and over charge on the amount of water actually consumed.
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    In Lancaster we were told years ago that there were thousands of gallons "Missing/Leaking" - in the North end of Town and we needed water line upgrades.

    The funny part is all the new water line upgrades seemed to be for new subdivisions. I don't believe there was any study sited about it - the information came from the Town Board - where they got it from wasn't clear.

    I don't think it would be that hard for the County to be more accurate in its accounting - if they truly want to be. Every area is broken up into grids - simply by averaging the number of users on each grid - averaging use per customer - that would give a reasonable estimate.

    Believe it or not the water usage is tracked to also help figure your sewage use.

    Some times simply by looking just what kind of businesses and homes are in each grid - you begin to under stand where the water could have gone and why.
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