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Thread: Thug Union Backs Criminal Cop

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    Thug Union Backs Criminal Cop

    Nassau Cop Charged With Assault for Alleged Excessive Force

    EdSchill OP - Hundreds of deranged and delusional cops drunk with power gathered outside a Long Island courthouse yesterday morning in support of one of their own. The crowd clapped and cheered as their fellow jackbooted badge monkey brethren emerged from his arraignment. Officer Vincent LoGiudice was caught on surveillance camera LITERALLY breaking Kyle Howells face during an April traffic stop.

    This comes just weeks after a judge at the request of the Nassau district attorney's office dismissed criminal charges against Kyle Howell. Kyle, THE VICTIM had been charged with offenses including assaulting LoGiudice knee with his face, tampering with physical evidence(trying to save his paycheck from flying out the open door), resisting arrest(squirming while having his face smashed into pieces)and criminal possession of a controlled substance(gum).

    Police Benevolent Association president James Carver sent an email to law enforcement asking them to show up at the courthouse "to show Vinny our FULL SUPPORT during the most difficult time that any police officer can face -- Being arrested for taking action while making a lawful arrest . . . while the charges against the defendant are dropped!"

    "While hundreds of police officers from various law enforcement agencies packed the Mineola court house in a show of support for LoGiudice, a woman shouted at cops outside about police corruption. Officers immediately outside the courtroom, concerned that Howell supporters were trying to form a wall that would effectively force LoGiudice to face a gaggle of media, pushed their way through to make a path for their colleague."
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    Who do they REALLY "protect and serve"?
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    the govt. Police arnt your protectors, they are there to enforce the laws of the govt and to generate revenue for govt and big business (private prisons)
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