The last town board meeting was more shameful that the State Senate. A community that claims it is rural and wants to keep it that way voted to rezone land from agland to residential for a new subdivsion.

Not only that, according to the newspapers, Councilman Dan Handy said he was against subdivisions, but voted for one. His reasoning was the the planning board said it was ok twice.

Lets remember that Handy was a member of the planning board and the chairman of the planning board said in a public meeting to the town board, kiss my ass, jesus christ, do i have to spoon feed them.

Handy also seconded a motion to reappoint the Chairman of the planning board. However, he was reminded that he worked for the chairman's family and it would be a conflict of interest to vote on it. He then had a mad expression on his face.

And Handy is running for re-election on both the democratic and republican party lines?

I wish i was on the friends and family plan.