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Thread: I'll Make a Deal.

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    I'll Make a Deal.

    If folks like 300Miles want me to stop speaking out so "gleefully" when Republicans do something wrong, fine. Believe me, nothing would make me happier. But in exchange, they'll have to stop doing things like raising the debt ceiling for the fourth time of President Bush's term. Deal?

    Oh, and please note that every single one of those "tax and spend" Democrats voted against raising the debt limit, along with three Republicans.

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    WSJohn, believe me, most Reps have lost faith in Bush...this war will never end he blundered by skipping out on Afganistan to invade Iraq, only to make a mockery of our Intelligence. Now he wants pre-emptive powers to curtail Iran's nuclear development while leading america's economy towards nuclear energy. He has done (IMO) more to hasten a world rife for armageddan than any other world power...he has spun out of control, he left his 9/11 MISSION and wacked out on a mission from god He is a far-flung extremist & i have no faith in him

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