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Thread: Lackawanna school budget slashes special-education program

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    Lackawanna school budget slashes special-education program

    At a special meeting Wednesday evening, the Lackawanna Board of Education approved a $45.3 million budget for 2014-15 that will be balanced with major cuts to the special education program.

    The budget was passed, 5-2, with board members Kenneth S. Motyka and David M. Joyce casting the no votes.
    Read the full story in the Buffalo News

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    What increased to cause a $2.8 million deficit?

    Mike mentioned there is a tax cap but that in itself didn't cause spending increases.

    How much less aid did New York State give the school system?

    He mentioned there are charter schools but how does that effect their budget. The charter schools are teaching a group of kids which give the school with the deficit less kids to worry about.

    Has ObamaCare cause any health insurance cost increases for the school system?

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    Oh Lord, will the craziness in Lackawanna ever end?

    The two Board members who voted no to this budget will see their relatives (teacher aides) out of a job end of school year.

    The BOE should follow the recommendation of the Superintendent BUT the Superintendent could have advised other areas to be cut. Other aides (and there are MANY) will be re-assigned to help those special education children.
    IF the BOE is negligent and bucks education law- they will more surely lose the fight and cost the school legal fees that could go to CHILDREN!

    Sure hope they work this out.....

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