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Thread: Whatever happened to the Casino?

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    Whatever happened to the Casino?

    Sorry, I've been offline for a while and I have not heard what has happened to the proposed casino. The last I heard when I was in WNY recently was that they were voting on it. Is that today? I had several discussions concerning this issue and I firmly belive that if the Indians are not taxed for the income they will make from the casino, then it should not be in Cheektowaga. (Yeah! I've converted!) Although, I do feel a casino near the one in Niagara Falls would be a good alternative (make NF a destination like Clifton Park (sic). If possible, along the waterfront would be ideal.

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    has anyone been to the buffalo casino yet?

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    Went a couple of weeks ago, with a Navajo friend from NYC who thought it would be funny to meet some WNY 'Injuns". He lost $40, I won $200 (I was a nice host and shared my winnings - didn't want to leave a bad impression of Buffalo)

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