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Thread: Kick off Jim's campaign this Saturday - March 29th

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    Kick off Jim's campaign this Saturday - March 29th

    Kick off Jim's campaign this Saturday 6-8pm at Jack Devine's South on the corner of Southwestern and McKinley (4170 Southwestern Blvd, Hamburg, NY 14075).

    Tickets are $30 and include drinks and food. He was told he should have one of those fancy $250 a plate dinners to start, but he said the way he wanted to start is to see as many people as possible at a good old fashioned beer blast.

    Come meet and support our candidate and have some fun too! Tickets can be bought at the door or presale by calling Lori at 716-310-4920

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    Oh, good grief...
    Here is the history of this district:

    What was an Opposition Party member doing up North? Thought that was a southern thing?

    As for today, no thanks young man, get you a real job for a decade or so and come back. Chris Collins will be fine in the position for today. But booze up enough people and they will vote for 'ya I imagine. Enough of that kind around.
    The above is opinion & commentary, I am exercising my 1st Amendment rights as a US citizen. Posts are NOT made with any malicious intent.

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