You gotta be kidding me. They account for sixty percent of property taxes.

What is happening here is that the political class is conning the people with phony reform proposals like cutting county legislators.

The real reform agenda was stated first and best by Free New York.

Critics: Cuomo merger bill misses target

By Gerald McKinstry • • May 31, 2009

A statewide proposal that would give taxpayers the power to strip away layers of government won't save money because it targets the wrong areas, critics say.

Because Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's bill exempts school districts, ignores state and county governments and doesn't address the underlying causes of rising government costs, it will do little to spare taxpayers from their already high burdens, Larchmont Mayor Liz Feld said.

Feld, a Republican who ran unsuccessfully last year for state Senate, said this bill was all about "showmanship" for Albany leaders and called it a "political move to deflect attention from their own mismanagement."

The better way to save taxpayers money is for New York to address its own fiscal mess by reforming the state pension system, eliminating mandates imposed on school districts and local government and having its own workers kick in for health care, she said.