Now that the writing is on the wall, I issue a congratulations to all the powers that be for doing a great job on destroying what once was a great city and "The City of Good Neighbors."
Schools are about to become nothing more than baby sitters for parents who don't want to be bothered with their children all day. Teachers cannot teach a class of 30 to 35 students when they have to deal with every problem and/or issue that arises in the classroom. Take away the teacher's aides and counselors and you lose the heart and soul of what schools should be about - caring individuals who want their students to succeed.

Officials raise taxes and charge churches and comunity-based organizations that are trying to make a difference. Yet they continue to give tax breaks to big business. Congratulations to all of you. Now that the proposed school budget has been announced amidst the education commissioner's harsh words, be on alert for the beginning of the end for this city and this county.

Give students nothing to do after school and there will be problems. Buffalo once was a city of a half million people. Now it's a city of less than 300,000 and sinking fast. It's the beginning of the end.