Preparing for 38 floors of emptiness at One Seneca Tower

One comment said they would like to see it turned into housing. Make the arrangements affordable for ordinary people.

"make affordable" and what defines "ordinary people"?

Is it possible?

38 floors of office space.

18,000 square feet of open space per floor

684,000 sq feet.

2 bdrm. Starting at $695 Approximate 1000 SF, _ _ _ _ _
1 Bedroom starting at $595*,
I just wanted to see what size some apartments are.

So for $695 you get 1000 SF. Is $695 considered affordable rent for ordinary people?

If you had 684,000 square feet you could build 684 1000 sq foot apartments. Well not really because you would need hallways to get to each one.

Think you could build 500 1000 sqr foot units on 38 floors?

I'm just figuring.. 500 units X $695 monthly = $347,500 a month gross income.

I wonder how much it would cost to build out 500 units. Didn't we hear some hud apartment cost $150,000 each to build? 500 X $150,000 = $75,000,000 million.

If you borrowed $75,000,000 for 30 years at 0% interest your monthly payment would be $208,333 a month against your $347,500 gross profit leaving you $139,167 a month. I wonder what property/school tax would be on that building. You need to deduct that from the $139,167 a month. I wonder what other cost goes into running that building to calculate what each of the 38 floors would cost to operate a month.