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Thread: Atlanta mayor: Cost too high to keep Braves

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    Atlanta mayor: Cost too high to keep Braves

    Atlanta mayor: Cost too high to keep Braves

    Editor's note: Kasim Reed, the 59th mayor of Atlanta, was recently re-elected to a second term.

    (CNN) -- As a young boy, I loved watching the Atlanta Braves. I can recall countless historic moments over the course of their 47-year history in the city. It was in Atlanta that the Braves won an unprecedented 14 division championships from 1991 to 2005. It was in Atlanta that Hall of Famer Hank Aaron hit his record-breaking home run in 1974. It was in Atlanta that the Braves won a World Series championship in 1995. There is no doubt that the Braves belong to Atlanta.

    For 18 months, my administration has been involved in good-faith discussions to keep the Braves in downtown Atlanta as their lease at Turner Field nears expiration. On Monday, the Atlanta Braves organization announced its intention to relocate to Cobb County -- in a new stadium. Our partners in Cobb County will provide $450 million in public funding to build the new $672 million stadium, we're told. We are simply unwilling to match that with taxpayer dollars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WNYresident View Post
    Atlanta mayor: Cost too high to keep Braves
    There is a larger picture here and the 'costs' are not really as big as some make it out.

    1 - While Atlanta is not wanting to pay for a new stadium for the MLB team, they are building a new NFL stadium.
    2 - The City of Atlanta did not want to work with the Braves to build out around the existing stadium and expand light rail. Getting in an out for games was very difficult.
    3 - While the City of Atlanta has 430K residents, the metro area has 5.5M residents. Most of these folks live in the Northern Burbs which are located in Cobb County which has 700K residents and is home to the majority of the Braves fans.

    Still it's crazy to think that Atlanta 'Metro' is building a brand new NFL and MLB stadium less than 25 years after building the Georgia Dome (NFL) and Turner Field (MLB), which was at the same time as building out for the Olympics.

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