We sent this note to our 800 members--

Dear Free New York, Free Buffalo, Free Niagara, Free Amherst supporter:

A controversy has arisen over the proposed approval of major labor contracts in Amherst. It is said that the board hasn't seen the actual contracts or an analysis of them.


I have forwarded to several board members our policy report No. 2 which urges a reduction in public sector compensation. I noted that our group was founded in Amherst and has an active Amherst contingent.

Here's the link--


If you live in Amherst, you may wish to attend this meeting, perhaps with a copy of our report in hand.

Amherst Town Board
Amherst Municipal Building
5583 Main Street, Amherst, NY
to verify: 716.631.7047
Mon., December 5, 2005
7:30:00 PM

Jim Ostrowski