Lancaster Highway Super guilty of :"Recycling"

Lancaster Democratic Committee acquires three more Highway Department Jobs.

Upcoming Lancaster Elections: The man who was appointed as crew Chief by the Town Board and the Democratic Committee - even though a Judge ruled it was invalid - will return - he (Mr.L) will either regain his job by running a campaign for it - or will be reappointed due in part to Mr.Reese's recent assassination.

Lancaster's past Town Board Member who became the Lancaster Town Judge, will remove himself from further proceedings in the misdemeanor case against Mr.Reese - sighting "In the interest of Justice and not wanting to appear there might be a conflict of interests."

Now for all the uninformed readers:

The attention placed on Mr.Reese will be slowly turned away from any criminal wrong doing - because there actually wasn't any involving his job. They will "refocus" the Media and public toward his supposed "emotional State of being" - which is fractures due to the loss of his Wife, his Job and his trust in a system he believe in.

Lancaster Town Board and most notably, Supervisor B.Giza has for years refused to except the idea of Town Workers collecting and selling "recyclable materials". Supervisor Giza was quoted as saying, "There is no mechanism for such a program."

Now for the record, even after Mr.Giza was shown other Towns have successful recycling programs, ones that help "offset" cost of services - he refused to even entertain the idea. Some say, it was mainly because it was a campaign issue brought to light by past members of the "Opposing Party."

It appears to those within and close to the Highway Department and a local unhappy, recently UN-appointed Town Employee - along with the blessings of the Controlling Party Bosses - they distorted what Mr.Reese was doing - mixed in some false concern for his "well being" and used that information to encourage others to pursue Mr.Reese.

Lancaster Highway Super R.Reese is guilty of "Recycling" - not to benefit himself, never did he "divert" Town Tax dollars or equipment for personal use - he "Recycled" scrap items and funneled the money back to the Lancaster Highway Department in actuality helping defray the costs to tax payers.

Standard disclaimer: I am not blaming anyone person, I don't hate anyone, I have great respect for authority. I don't blame the "Players" only those who "Control The Game"